Harpreet Randhawa - Punjabi (Out Now)

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harpreet randhawa


Originally from Lakhan Kalan, Kapurthala, moved from there to Brampton, ON in 2003.  His passion for singing drove his ambition and has worked on over 15 various artist or mixtapes, including with Code Red and Bob Mann's Illicit Substance.

After a 5 year gap he has released his new album titled, 'Punjabi' in Canada, and 'Thaveeth' in India.'.  Keeping the sound desi and  true to his roots, and  to appeal to his already established fan base in India as well as introduce his sound to a new audience.  The album features duets with Harinder Hundal and music by H. Guddu, Harry Sandhu and Bob Mann.

Harpreet has recently been touring North America performing alongside various bhangra teams.

He already has 5 cassettes out previously while living in India

1. Vekh Mohabatan Pakay
2. Tu Sanu Dasiya Nahin
3. Saade Pind Mela Lugdha
4. Sonay Sajjan
5. Tere Vaade

Track Listing

01. Punjabi
02. Chor Chor
03. Lok
04. Thaveeth
05. Jovan Jadhu
06. Peengh
07. Phone
08. Najaayz
09. Patari Feat. BattleKATT/
10. Heer
11. Jovan Jadhu (Remix) - Feat. Cheshire Cat



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