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Tru Skool & Kaos Productions ? In Tha House (Out Now)



tru skool

VIP Records are proud to present an amazing Panjabi Folk remix album produced by Tru Skool & Kaos Productions. The albums features huge vocalists such as; Mohd Siddiq, Surinder Shinda, Kuldip Manak, AS Kang, Gurdas Mann and many more. The album introduces old school traditional Panjabi music to the new generation with the unique Tru Skool sound.

A few words from Tru Skool & Kaos Productions:

Yo people! I Just wanna take this minute to reminisce about the old Desi remixes – Panjabi Folk mixed with underground Hip Hop from the early to mid 90's.

Listening to, and producing Hip Hop music as well as loving Panjabi Folk and UK Bhangra, this shortlived genre was one of the most favourite and memorable periods in Bhangra, both as a fan, and as a producer. With this in mind, fusing Hip Hop with Bhangra/Panjabi Folk music, for me, was inevitable. However before I got my foot in there, artists such as 'Death Jamm Productions' and 'Panjabi MC' had just beat me to it with their debut releases back in 1993.

Panjabi MC introduced the Folk remixes back in 1995 with his albums '100% Proof' and 'Magic Desi'. I felt this was the peak of UK Bhangra until the mid 90's, when both Bhangra and U.S Hip Hop had started to dilute its sound and presence.

During that time, I felt that there were two types of Bhangra. The first being, the type that the bands and producers like Shinda and Amarjit Sidhu etc were creating, and the second being the type of people like Bally Sagoo, PMC, Death Jamm etc were creating. Although being a huge fan of both styles, the music in this particular album represents the latter.

Although remixing is regarded a thing of the past and often associated with negativity, this particular project has been reproduced with fresh production in terms of Hip Hop beats n elements and is aimed at those who appreciate this type of music, although we understand this audience may have diminished over the past decade.

We hope there is still an audience for this kind of music who will enjoy listening to this album.

Tru Skool & Kaos Productions.

Track Listing

01. Serr Dokhdha - Kartar Ramla & Sukhwant Kaur

02. Ghorhi Jeoneh Maurh Dhi - Mohd. Siddiq

03. Shinda Track - Surinder Shinda

04. Jagga Jammiah - Jagmohan Kaur

05. Saari Ummar - A S Kang

06. GT Road The - Kuldip Manak

07. Jaag Dhe Rehnah - Gurdas Mann

08. Manak House - Kuldip Manak

09. Jarnail Kaur - Kuldip Manak


Releasing February 9th!