Taj E - Sik 'n' Twisted (Out NOW!)

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taj e sik n twisted




It’s been a while but the multi-talented Bhangra and Urban Asian music producer Taj E is back with his long-awaited new album “Sik ‘n’ Twisted”, his first release in over two years.


Since his last outing with the album “Blood, Sweat and Tears”, Taj E has been busy working on various projects including production work on the upcoming album of Bradley a.k.a. (formerly of S Club 7), and the track “Soniya” for Asian Urban music artist Veronica. In between various projects, Taj E managed to find time to work on his new album. “Sik ‘n’ Twisted” is the result of a year of hard work composing, producing and arranging 21 solid tracks to bring to the masses.


Taj E has assembled an all-star line up for the album, which features a highly anticipated appearance by Juggy D, as well as Kaka Bhaniawala, Nirmal Sidhu, Bee2, Bradley a.k.a. City Boy, and others. The first single to be released from the album is titled “Bundook” featuring Kaka Bhaniawala, a track which sees Kaka given the Taj E treatment resulting in a raw, desi dance track designed to fill up any dance floor. In the accompanying video, shot in India, fans will get to see Taj E and Juggy D like they’ve never seen them before. Other tracks to be given the video treatment are “B.I.G featuring Bee2, and Juggy D “Vang Teri”.


Taj E has crafted an album that intends to do some damage on the dance floor, with 21 tracks “Sik ‘n’ Twisted” is certain to have a little something for everyone. With so many infectious melodies and banging beats, Taj E warns “this album’s going to leave you feeling Sik ‘n’ Twisted”.


Sik ‘n’ Twisted is due in stores in April 2009.

 Sik ‘n’ Twisted Album Track list:

1. Sik ‘n’ Twisted - Y.Paul and Dhadha Ji
2. Vang Teri - Juggy D
3. Return of Jeona - Mukki G
4. Bundook - Kaka Bhaniawala
5. Hik Da Jorr - Nirmal Sidhu
6. B.I.G - Bee2
7. Passe Hatt - Preet Kalyan
8. Tord Di Daru - Rashi Ragshri & Bee2
9. Only for You - Bee2
10. Break of Dawn - Nitasha & Kaos
11. Viyah - Salim
12. Yarr Marr - Rajia Dhillon
13. Back in 1998 - Taj E and Bee2
14. Down Side Up - Horizon
15. Giddha Pao - Bee2
16. The Bangle Remix - City Boy Bradley, Juggy D, Y Dre, & Horizon
17. Poison - Gopi Sarao
18. Dangerous - Taj E & Horizon
19. River of Pain - Rashi Ragshri
20. Bundook Raw - Kaka Bhaniawala
21. Seasons - Instrumental


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***paki  rani***
0 #130 ***paki rani*** 2010-02-18 23:31
shit album
0 #129 Ajay. 2009-12-27 21:48
Basically yeah this album at first i thought was pretty shit.
It's one of those albums that gradually grows on you and now i'm loving about 85% of the album, the english songs kinda ruin it for me but still you all have to admit that Taj-E has some skills and alongside his bro Bee2 they are quite a good team in the music industry, i would actually urge you to buy this album cos it's great for the car and smashes up parties. Cheers.
-1 #128 catchy tunejack 2009-05-11 23:41
This tune is so catchy. I got it n keep playing it in my cd player. I also was at a party n then played this track. Everyone went mad. I cudnt believe it. Was shocking behvoiur. They were dancing n singing the song.
-1 #127 wickeddave 2009-05-11 23:38
Big album. Track sounds heavy. Videos wicked :cheer:
dark mc
0 #126 dark mc 2009-05-11 21:38
peeps album out late summer gonna be having big chunes there better then this turd album

bruup bruup

0 #125 niceyas 2009-04-30 18:28
loving the slow track. brilliant album.
-1 #124 big albummoe 2009-04-30 17:43
sik album, loving the juggys track. vang teri is wiked. i brought my copy from the sound pipe shop. came the next day.

my faviourite is BIG.

bee2 smashed it......
Punjabi king
-1 #123 Punjabi king 2009-04-30 13:05
:sad: Just heard the juggy d track on the radio. This guy is crap. It hurts me to see how this guy has made a name for himself. He sounds like a gora singing. There are so many better singers than him out there. Only reason he is on here because of his popularity not for his singing ability be assured! OK Taj E can play alot of instruments but he hasnt got what shinda has got. This music is purely for UK where shinda is world wide hence why he does music for indian films. That guy is the don.
-1 #122 soorma 2009-04-30 05:13
taj e licks what crap he has put together how can u buy this shit jus waste of money people
-1 #121 jatt 2009-04-30 05:10
this album is soo shitty tht juggy d song sounds like shit all he says is vang teri the hole song the lyrics r soo bad his voice sounds shitty the album is shityy jus waste of time u people should go listen to surinder sangha album brave heart tht is called a album its jus wicked tracks like fight from ks makhan punjabi from nirmal sidhu jatt from angrez ali and many more taj e albums jus licks
-1 #120 pele tordi daruyasmina 2009-04-27 07:22
nice,loving the tordi daru track. amazing. albums well worth the money.
0 #119 Guest 2009-04-27 06:57
yes yes, taje smashed it once again. nice one man. vang teri is big up in the states already. lol. keep up the good work. will be contacting you for sum gigs

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