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After the huge success of the summer anthem ‘Ishq Hogaya’, Manchester’s finest – Bonafide are gearing up for international stardom. A growing fan base in Indian and Dubai has prompted interest from record labels in the subcontinent and could soon see the debut album ‘Life Through Melody’ being launched simultaneously in three territories on 9th February 2009 just in time for Valentines Day.

The album was slated for release in the UK at the end of November and has had many fans pre-ordering. Thanking them for their support, Bonafide will be sending out exclusive t-shirts to them. For the many 1000’s of other fans who have followed their musical journey over the years, Bonafide will be offering free downloads of brand new mixes from their website.

Maz, the rapper of the duo says: “I was so looking forward to releasing the album this side of Christmas but sometimes opportunities arise that you can’t ignore. The possibility of releasing overseas as well as here in the UK is fantastic.”

Since Ishq Hogaya hit the airwaves, Maz and Ziggy have been manically touring the UK. Interviews with the media have become an almost daily occurrence and the lads have also performed live at a number of gigs including the BBC Asian Network University Tour in Manchester.

The second single ‘Do Me Like You Do’ is now doing the rounds and other songs are to be released before the album hits the shelves including the amazing ‘Pata Laga Na’. All of the songs are accompanied with high quality videos featuring surprise guests and cameos.


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Zara Nisar
0 #2 Zara Nisar 2011-01-19 10:18
hello youprobaly dont know but i am your cousin i am mava parvesses daughter (hisnikname is piksie)lol you know uncle asghar im his cousin aswell i am a big fan xx :lol:
0 #1 Guest 2008-12-09 15:20
lol i remember when these guys first started out, they were trying to be all mainstream rnb..but they got nowere.

now they\'v gone back to lame asian rnb jinx music which will appeal to ther hometown manchester n surrounding \'ghettos\'

at least they\'v found their level.

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