Balraj Sidhu - Cruise Control Yari (Promos)

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Following the tremendous success of Master Rakesh’s album ‘Zakhmi’ Maalwa Records proudly presents Balraj Sidhu’s debut compilation album ‘Cruise Control Yari’. The album is available on CD’s across the U.K.

Balraj Sidhu has two short stories books named Anlag (Virgin) 1998, Nangian Akhian (Naked Eyes) 2002 and Two novels, Vaster (Costumes) 2002, Tap (Meditation) 2003, History Of Kabbadi (Native game of Punjab), Translated from Punjabi to English 2003 published books and hundreds of Poems and articles published in Newspapers and Magazines all over the globe to his credit.

Balraj Sidhu was introduced to U.K. Bhangra market as a lyricist in 2004 with a hit song titled ‘Nachdi’ (Vocal: Sanjay Dhaliwal in album called ‘Setting the standard’ by PNB). His recent work includes song ‘Paggal’(Vocal: Ranveer Rana, in album ‘The album’ USR) and Udham Singh (Vocal: Angrez Ali & RKH, , in album ‘The album’ USR).

‘Cruise Control Yari’ contains 7 solo and one duet song, featuring the vocals of Angrez Ali (Dharti hildi Fame)), Jaswinder Jassi (Jatt Sharabi Fame), Balwinder Matewaria (Dhol Cut 2 fame) Manjit Rupowalia and many more.

The album is produced by Jat Sidhu. Lyrics and music composed by Balraj Sidhu, which is arranged by: Kam Frantic, Jeeti, Baldev Mastana and many more. The album is recorded, engineered, mixed and mastered  in top studios in U.K.

The album is combination of  Eastern and Western style, with meaningful lyrics and powerful music providing all kinds of taste.


Track Listing:

1. Nachdi De                   

2. Nach Lah 

3. Cruise Control Yari      

4. Dino Din

5. Kare Salama Chan

6. Iko Ik

7. Doli         

8. Rup Shokinan da         


R.R.P £5.00 Only

Label: Maalwa Records (U.K.)

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