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Gippy Grewal - 'My Time To Shine' (Promos)


 With the support of Bhinda Aujla and his elder brother Sippy Grewal, Gippy is back on the scene with the release of his brand new album on the Kamlee Records (UK), Planet Recordz (North America) and Speed (India).

From from 'pure desi/folk', meaninful lyrics, boliyan in the true style of Gippy, this is one album to look forward to.  Enjoy the promos to, 'My Time To Shine Ft HMC', 'Rakh Hosla', 'Yaar Mera Ft Ms Scandalous' and 'Balle Balle'.

The album is due to released later this month (22.11.08).

Track Listing:

01. Yaar Mera feat Ms Scandalous - Lyrics : Gurmeet Cheema
02. Rakh Honsla - Lyrics : Raj Kakra
03. My Time To Shine feat HMC - Lyrics : Gurmeet Cheema
04. Balle Balle - Lyrics : Jagdev Maan
05. Doli - Lyrics : Jagdev Maan
06. Suie chubdi - Lyrics : Jassa Fatehpur
07. Boliyan - Lyrics : Jagdev Maan
08. Hallat - Lyrics : Jagdev Maan
09. Begana Putt - Lyrics : Jagdev Maan
10. Vakhra Nazaara - Lyrics : Gopi Nathowalia

Music : Bhinda Aujla
Producer : Sippy Grewal
Lyrics : Raj Kakra, Jagdev Maan, Gurmeet Cheema, Jassa Fatehpur & Nathowalia
Cover Design : Vitamin.v

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