Ms Scandalous - Aag (Out Now)

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Ms Scandalous - Aag


The album comprises of the title track ‘Aag (Fire)’ which features Alyssia. The track brings the whole Euro-club sound into the asian music scene fusing it with BollyHood. Her second track ‘Kini Soni’ fuses the new Bassline/Niche Sound with Panjabi vocals and hard rapping from the MC herself. The Track is already being supported by BBC 1Xtra, Galaxy and Pirate Radio stations. Ms Scandalous also deals with issues like heartbreaks and love on the track ‘My Love’ & ‘Barsaat’. The album is out on 14th November and will be available from all leading Asian retailers and all leading legal downloading sites including itunes.

Ms.Scandalous Feat Alyssia - Aag (Video)

Track Listing

1. Aag (Fire) Feat Alyssia
2. Lets Dance
3. Kini Soni
4. Barsaat
5. My Love Feat Alyssia
6. Go!
7. Cant Stop Me
8. Aaja Aaja
9. My Path
10. Faith
11. No More

Biography 2008 

Strong, sassy, positive and highly ambitious, Ms Scandalous has become a serious player on the British Asian music bringing it to the forefront for the ladies.  

She found lyrical inspiration easy to come by performing street poetry at the young age of 14 in her hometown of Southall, West London.

“They don’t call Southall ‘Little India’ for nothing. On a Saturday afternoon on Southall Broadway you feel, with all the bazaars, street-traders, mango sellers and sari shops that you’re in the middle of India” Scandalous says. “But then you might hear some Hip-Hop out of someone’s car and you realise this is West London, this isn’t a Bollywood film, this is real. This place where I grew up has made me who I am and gives me a lot of inspiration for my lyrics. I wouldn’t have wanted to grow up anywhere else, this is me. I’m proud of my roots”. 

Southall was the starting point of her career - In her late teens she held down a Saturday job working in legendary Asian Record Store ‘Metro Music’ and would get talking to all the DJ’s who would come in to buy fresh tunes. A chance meeting with Panjabi Hit Squad one afternoon in 2002 resulted in an impromptu performance that saw her put pen to paper later that week. She became the first lady of the Hit Squad, having signed to Punjabi Hit Squad’s label. It wasn’t a hard decision for her to make.

“Even before I signed to Hit Squad I rated what they were. As a unit they are taking an Asian sound into Mainstream music in a credible way, and there aren’t many artists in our scene capable of doing that” 

Scandalous made an appearance on Panjabi Hit Squad’s ‘Hai Hai’ – it smashed the whole Bhangra scene by becoming the one of the biggest Bhangra records after Panjabi MC’s ‘Beware Of The Boys’. This was a debut with a difference and ensured she blew up big-style in the Asian club-scene. Once the version-excursion of ‘Hai Hai’ appeared on Def Jam’s ‘Desi Beats Vol.1’ the urban music heads also got to know. Before long the ‘Hai Hai’ video was the number 1 on MTV charts as the track was put on heavy rotation by MTV Base and MTV Dance. She says of her success “Since ‘Hai Hai’ came out years ago there hasn’t been any Asian female artist to come through in the UK asian music scene born and bread in the UK. Serious props to the likes of Jay Sean and Raghav for getting as far as they have – but it’s been more than 20 years since an Asian female artist has had any major recognition, With the support I have behind me I’m hoping to take it there.”  

In 2005 Ms Scandalous released her debut album ‘Ladies First’ which showcased her as a major new UK talent. The album went straight to number 1 in the BBC Asian network chart and the top 20 chart for over 12 weeks. The catchy promo track ‘Aaja Soniya’ and the accompanying slick video, it went straight to number 4 of the MTV Base chart making Ms Scandalous the first British-Asian woman to be play listed by MTV. ‘Spread Love’ had the vocals of new artist Alyssia, another amazing artist. 

Since bringing out her debut album, the ‘Hai Hai’ Queen has become one of the most sought after UK talents, opening doors for British Asian females coming onto the music scene. She continues to conquer the scene including performances at world wide events such as the Mac Viva Glam concert in awareness of AIDS. 



+1 #12 wami 2010-01-05 14:08
shit nothing good at all what is people going on about its ll shit
0 #11 saleheen 2009-04-15 16:50
carry on lady!!!nothing is gonna stop you
0 #10 Guest 2009-04-15 16:49
well done lady...move on
0 #9 Kween-B 2008-11-27 11:16
scandalis is one of a kind. shes the best girl in the music scene. big ups to scandalis!! keep up the great work, people are toooo jealous man. :lol:
0 #8 Jatta 2008-11-24 12:12
Good album just downloaded it from iTunes!!!
+1 #7 samera 2008-11-20 18:43
ms cadaloud jus ruined the whole song agg its allabout alisiya :P :P
0 #6 Ray 2008-11-17 21:32
Nly alyssia makez dis trak gd 2 b honest...she gt a sik voice :-)
Music Lover
0 #5 Music Lover 2008-11-17 20:18
Hmmmm Scandalous thats what i think about the album :-x
0 #4 Guest 2008-11-17 20:16
She cant even rap shes so crap. Why did she even bother gettin in da industry. Shes shit. Shes a Hard Kaur Wannabe
0 #3 Guest 2008-11-17 10:29
dA gYAL iZ gOINN pLACEZZ :side: :side:

SIkh MIlitant
0 #2 SIkh MIlitant 2008-11-14 22:22
this is a bigggggggg track
0 #1 UKNYMami 2008-11-13 14:53
she is the bomb. :kiss:

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