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Pal D - Standard Procedure

Pal D


Set to releases June 5th 2006 on Limitless Records!

Track Listing:
1. Mothi
2. Dil Tere Naa
3. Chanjar
4. Tere Vargi
5. Desi Daru
6. Been
7. Jaan
8. Pyaar Mithro
9. Chardhi Jawani

Palvinder Singh Dhupar: Born in Leeds, UK, the roots behind Pal D’s musical knowledge can be put down to his training in Kirtan and tabla. From the early age of 7, it was clear that there was a musical talent waiting to be explored.

October ‘02 saw the release of ‘Danger 2′ featuring the debut track produced by Pal D. The track ‘Boliyan’, sung by Jagtar Sheri was merely a taste of what is to come.

Pal D also featured on the album ‘Heavy’, producing the track ‘Nachdi’ sung by Amar Arshi.

Following this, came the track ‘Panjabi Nara’ released on the album ‘The Usual Yardies’, featuring the vocal talents of Ranjit Mani and Aggrovation from the Flatline Team.

‘Bottle’ and ‘Yaar Glassi’ are 2 smash hit tracks in-waiting, currently with the Genie Records label ready to be released. Bhinda Aujla provides the vocals to both tracks, with a massively positive response to both tracks received already.


The album is out now! You can order it @, with worldwide shipping avaliable.