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DJ Maj - Maj-nificent (Promos)


Release date: 07/11/2008

The DJ is normally the main man rocking the parties and making the crowd go wild, but what happens when a certain DJ unleashes his powerful vocals on the Bhangra industry? And sets all new standards for others to follow in his footsteps. Fame records proudly present Majid Khan aka DJ Maj.

This rising star is a multi talented and well-educated individual, gaining skills like B.A (Hons) in Media production from the University of Bedfordshire (U.K). Here he studied video production and achieved new levels of talent, which led to him producing his first ever music video for his debut track ‘Oh Kurri’ with help of his fellow students. After graduation, Majid Khan joined a top camera crew covering major live events and theatre masterpieces, this gave him great experience and helped develop his skills to extraordinary heights. The music video for his Pop-Bhangra track flew into the charts in the top 10, and was a big success across the major network TV channels such as Zee music and B4U music and more. So much so that some of the channels are still airing the video within their current playlist over a year later from its 2007 release.

Although Majid started with a modelling career appearing in some of the finest fashion shows and illustrious music videos, his real passion lied within the creation of music, manipulating sounds to his own interest. To gain confidence as an artist and a performer, Majid would sing live as well as DJ on his sets at gigs up and down the country, gaining a potentially big name and respect from others within the circuit.

After an array of performances of his favourite songs at these events, he took it in his own initiative to write and compose his own songs for an eagerly awaited future solo album release. On his musical journey, Majid started to take vocal lessons from a professional vocal trainer called USTAD Janaab (NAEM SALEHRIA SAAB, ILFORD). Salehria Saab is highly talented and well respected in the music field for his contribution towards music. He also met established artists like Jas Panesar and other Play-az lab members and Bhinda Aujla, which helped him improve his singing abilities and produce fresh mind blowing tracks which later on become classic bangers.

Majid’s ‘Oh Kurri’ single, which was produced by Jas Panesar and featured Lightnin MC was released on a compilation album called 'Rowdyfied' which was released in 2006, and was compiled by Artist member Rowdy, who is now working with Papa Joe Records in London.

Since then, Majid has been performing nationwide and also recently was on an International tour around Pakistan among other artists giving live performances to 100,000s of music fans and winning the hearts of many. 2008 sees the release of his debut solo album entitled ‘Maj-nificent’ which is being released by Fame Records and contains 11 mind numbing, bass pumping anthems that will have pumping it in your stereos across the country.

The album includes big tunes like the massive Bollywood track ‘Dil Ko Jalaana’, dance floor hits ‘Tali Wajdi’ and ‘Luddi Pao’ and even a folk remix to ‘Oh Kurri’. The album is set to release in the 2nd week of October after the holy month of Ramadan, and will be available in all good music shops up and down the country, as well as Asian websites offering official downloads. Majid Khan has a lot more up his sleeve for the future, but for now his solo album is a sure fire hit and will soon be a part of one of those memorable album you reminisce on.

Release date: 07/11/2008

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