Kulvinder Sethi - Mahi (Out Now)

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Kulvinder Sethi MAHI


MAHI is the first official album from the Taaj Records label. Highly anticipated Kulvinder Sethi album titled MAHI.

The album artists: Singer: Kulvinder Sethi.

Music Producer: Tejwant Kittu (The man behind Rawinder Garewal [Panjab], The Late. Kulwinder Dhillon [Panjab], Balkar Sidhu 'Charkhe' [Panjab], Hans Raj Hans [Panjab], Harbhajan Talwar [UK] and Many more Singers.

Guest Music Producer: Daljit Sethi [UK] - Album Mahi Bonus Track.

Other Collaboration with E- Camp / Enigma Roadshow 'Bas Kar' feat. Jas Ghuman from forthcoming album from DDS.

The album MAHI is OFFICIALLY released on Friday 10th October 2008 [10.10.2008]

The album includes 10 Tracks with a variety of music and emotions.

Kulvinder Sethi – “The voice of the Panjabi Mutiaar”

If not for the first time, then maybe after a long time in the history of UK Panjabi music has risen from the UK, a brand new female singer, Kulvinder Sethi.

Kulvinder Sethi used to listen to a lot of live shows that used to happen commonly in Panjab. She began her basic training as a child. After Her Son had recognised the talent she had, encouraged her to further develop her vocals by continuing training in the UK.

Kulvinder Sethi has begun a journey that carries a message aswell as a package of entertainment.

Kulvinder Sethi brings the old folk Panjabi touch back in today’s time by introducing her singing with new songs that have a traditional style and a modern touch.

Being influenced by & growing up listening to the daughters of Panjab, Surrinder Kaur, Parkash Kaur, Jagmohan Kaur and Narinder Biba, Kulvinder Sethi had a passion for music and wanted to thrive into this field and express her love for her culture, mother tongue and convey messages to the world about what other sides there are to the Panjabi mutiaar.

Kulvinder Sethi’s Singing talents and music from her Debut album will have you dancing to her giddha songs, left smiling with shyness or cheekiness, pulled your heart strings with her romantic song; or perhaps left your heart touched with her sentimental sad song.

Through her Debut Solo Album, Kulvinder Sethi will spread the message of love and relationships. Her songs may sound typical to the ordinary ear but will have true music lovers drawn to each and every word of her every track. Similar yet different, her tracks have deep meanings.

Below is the track listing:

   1. Sukh Mangdi
   2. Nachdi Vekhna
   3. Deor Da Viah
   4. Chit Kare Saure Jaan Nu
   5. Saheliyo
   6. Naukri
   7. Mahi Lagda
   8. Hanju
   9. Milne Nu Chit Karda
  10. Sukh Mangdi (UK Mix)

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0 #8 GalBanGayee 2008-11-29 01:22
WWWWWOOOOOWWWWWWW!!!!!!! i wana go Punjab now.......this video has made me all bubbly and excited. i want to see a wedding in india. weddings here are good but to commercial thesedays, same hoo haa. trust me [censored] weddings are lovely. this is a very colourful and cute video. i wish i was in it. :D :silly: :lol: :D
+1 #7 Guest 2008-11-21 21:13
her album is great! Luving the saheliyo video.
0 #6 BakwaasBandh 2008-11-21 20:53
Mai kya ji aah bohat changa keeta je tusi, injh hor gaaneh chaide ne, tuhadi album asi suni si, bohat vadhiya je. Asi puri support karange ji tuhanu. Rab Raakha.
0 #5 Jatinder 2008-11-17 22:58
Its amazing to see that talent and [censored]re to do something does not look at age. Although there are alot of singers in punjab that mention in their interviews about being influenced by other singers, they still had managed to get their career going in early years. but this singer although beginning late, has still kept her influences with her to nurture her skillz.
0 #4 Lovin track 5. SaheliyoPriya 2008-11-09 18:22
Kulvinder is my mates mum n i think her music is great.
Keep it up ;-)

x x x
0 #3 Excellent AlbumAmrit 2008-11-06 00:27
Seeing Kulvinder Sethi at mela across england was a spectacular event! especially for families..a must to see if coming to a area near you!! also the album which has been released by taaj records with the voice of kulvinder sethi is a definate to buy!! so go and get a copy asap people! Everything that is wanted from a great album from boliyan to modern!!
Gurvinder Chohan
0 #2 Gurvinder Chohan 2008-11-06 00:11
Hello ji, this is l the best.
0 #1 Reena 2008-10-24 00:45
This is an amazing album! Love it soooooo much! Well Done! Keep up the great work! xxxx :-)

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