Jay Sean meets Bollywood Beauty.

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Thousands of adoring fans and a complete media frenzy. Jay Sean's recent sell-out tour of India was the biggest and most successful yet. Girls screamed as he took to the stage and delivered huge hits like 'Maybe' and 'Stay'.

Prior to his Hyderabad gig, Jay's management received a call from one his biggest fans...none other than Bollywood starlet Priyanka Chopra. The beauty was in town filming. Jay invited her to the show and stunned her and the audience by dedicating to her the Hindi version of 'Ride It'. They hung out in the VIP area together and partied back at the hotel until the early hours of the morning.

They were also spotted having lunch and enjoying a bit of afternoon shopping.



FAN#01 TJ...........
0 #4 FAN#01 TJ........... 2009-08-06 19:40
hey jay u r just rocking man bt iwana say that dont make sexy videos coz thats realy heart breaking 4 ur female fans specially for meeeeeeeeeee... ..[;' love u
0 #3 Guest 2009-05-23 00:07
0 #2 OMGSakina 2009-03-28 13:43
i wish i was their lol
i love uu:P :cheer: :D
Jay Sean Fan....
0 #1 .....Jay Sean Fan.... 2009-01-06 12:50
i love jay sean..and its heartbrakin to seeee priyanka. and jay together . buh ..they are a cute couple...buh i love jayyyyyyyyyyyyy y [ more than priyanka.lil bummmm] =] =] (A) :side:

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