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Kidd Skilly - Undercover Superstar - Helping others realise their superstar potential!



Undercover Superstar

US Hip Hop artist Kidd Skilly, who is fast becoming known for his deep and intense lyrics, releases his new mix-tape ‘Undercover Superstar’, today. Skilly is not only using this highly anticipated mix-tape to express his thoughts and feelings, but is also taking the opportunity to give something back to those who are in need of a little inspiration.

Teaming up with the World Foundation for Music and Healing, Kidd Skilly and the WITNIS Project will be doing their part to help those less fortunate follow their dreams and realise their superstar potential. A portion of proceeds from sales of ‘Undercover Superstar’ will be going to the charity which provides music education, cultural programming and creative arts experiences for children, teens, families and groups recovering from trauma or loss.

Releasing on 11th September, which is historically an important time for Urban music, with past releases from 50 Cent, Kanye West and Mary J Blige on this date – ‘Undercover Superstar’ is set to follow in these footsteps.

A fusion of Hip Hop and Bhangra, the mix-tape follows on from the hit tracks ‘Ni Sohniye’, with R‘n’B sensation Akon and the massive club banger ‘Bhangra Chick’,  with a selection of 21 fresh tracks. A few gems on the mix-tape include Skilly’s desi twist on Lil Wayne’s ‘Lollipop’, a tribute to his hometown of Detroit with ‘Motor City Punjab’ and ‘Undercover Superstar’, the title in which the rapper breaks down  his thoughts and views on the Urban desi scene.


With the body of Hip-Hop and the spirit of Soul music, there seems to be no limit in sight for Kidd Skilly’s flawless talent. With the WITNIS Project by his side, Skilly is virtually creating a new music genre, for today’s generation of conscious south Asians who crave intelligence and creativity.


The forthcoming mix-tape is an opportunity for music fans to support a worthy cause as well as chance to delve into the mind of an Undercover Superstar.  Join the movement and follow Kidd Skilly and the WITNIS Project’s ethos of working hard, determination and following ones dreams.


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For more information on the World Foundation for Music and Healing and their work, please visit: