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Shizzio Video Shoot


 (Pictures and Description given by: Shaziya Ramji in association @ (offering unique creative designs for your imagination)

I was invited, and asked by Shizzio ‘himself’ to join the Production Team, Vh! Visual Highs as part production team assistant, personally, I always wanted to know what a video shoot was like, now I know, its ‘tiring’, in a good way of course.

The Day Started, by meeting them at 7am at the Video shoot place, to be honest I expected a bigger set, but it was located near Enfield, at Denmark Studios (More Info ), I met the guys outside and the director, Mandeep introduced, me to the Crew, that will be making Mr Shizzio’s Video a Success.

The Production Team I must say was prepared, they even brought traditional food for the guests and the team. After putting down, my jacket I turned around and I saw Shizzio (for a minute there, I was like he is early), greeted him and thanked him and smiled, and minute later, he got the run by the director, what was going to happen, and By the lovely Stylist, Uzma Yakoob (Fashion, and Make-up – Stylist).

A special, person was brought in from the Media Shooting scene, Benedict Spence aka. Ben (More Info ), he was shooting the Video, the camera was in his hands. If you don’t know him, Ben also was involved in shooting Jay Sean’s Video (May Be and Stay) but his also worked with MTV and BBC, even shot Desi DNA, an experienced character, with so much knowledge with the industry and the equipment he was working with that day.

For the first Song ‘Star’, something special came through the big open doors, and it was gift from CHOICE FM, the CHOICE FM, Hummer (Car). In an instant everyone saw the car was the star of the video, Shizzio Came back and did a couple of shots and small scenes with a car, photographed V3 Photography (More Info ). Soon later the director, told Shizzio to do a couple of Music Scenes By the Car, and inside, with beautiful girls, around him, got treated like a real King.

I had a job there remember that, so I did a couple of running jobs, for the team, and then I saw her, I was like she looks familiar, then I remembered X-Factor, Nikitta Stacey Angus, she was in the first video, along side the one and only Shizzio

Nikitta, went into Hair and Make-up, and she came back with amazing outfits to were for the shoot.

Nikitta and Shizzio, did a couple of scenes together with the car, and soon enough the car had to leave, everyone got sad, to see it go.

Shizzio and Nikitta together doing there scenes, looked really fun to watch, to make the video more exciting three special girls were brought in to dance, with there flare and skills, it made a good video, the director, was assisting them second by second telling everyone what he wanted to vision from the song.

I must say personally, it took like about 1pm to finish off the first video, every one went on a very short lunch, while the main song with Tiger Style, was being prepared.

The song was produced by Tiger Style (More Info ), the song ‘I swear’ and everyone went for a re-change.

As I was helping the production, team more and more people started to gather, to the shoot, I was like what’s going on, and also ‘would you like a drink?’, the day got hotter and more and more people started to join us, guys from A.B.T.M (More Info ), Drama Setterz (More Info ) and many more people close to Shizzio, from his producers –friends – media, to his family members.

Compared to the vision of the first video, it was very, simple but effective (but when it comes to editing it might change), the other video, we had to set up a stage, that was very rough and outdoor, you know that’s Shizzio’s Style and Scene (no offence), a lot more dancers and extras were brought in to fill up the stage set, to fulfil the directors vision of the scene, and shot again by Ben.

The way Ben shot was natural, as each scene was captured the way it was pictured no doubting Ben abilities, was shown in the second video.

Each guest that was waiting to be called for the shoot, was brought down and each of them was in a couple of scenes, with Shizzio, along side him, and will be shown in the Music Video, when it comes out, so be sure to watch it ; ).

Tigerstyle, appeared obviously in the video, showing all you guys, what they’re been up to with Shizzio

After six hours, (long) the video was called THAT’S A RAP, the director amazingly said, as he could work with each scene and shot taken, the amazing thing would be to see, how he puts each scene together in the editing stage, so Visual Highs, thanks for having ‘Shaziya Ramji’ (me) on the scene, as I felt I learnt a lot on that day, watching from a distance to something like this, shows a lot of handwork makes success, and it will go far, in shooting one of ‘Shizzio’ Videos, with all the Guests who came, I wish them all the success, in there each own career path that was positively shown in the Video.

The day ended everyone said ‘good-bye’ but I didn’t as made lots of friends and met all different types of people, and a day being remembered.

Summing it up, ‘It was amazing!’

So LOOK out guys for SHIZZIO is on the SCENE.

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