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Try to Take My (08 Mix) - Raja Wilco ft. Swami Baracus & AG Dolla


Try to Take My (08 Mix) - Raja Wilco ft. Swami Baracus & AG Dolla
 (Produced By: Sureet Sandhu, Digital Desi Productions)


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Washington D.C. to United Kingdom – "Sureet know, the beat go…Newark to Heathrow," and that's exactly how this song goes – featuring three hot MCs: Raja Wilco (USA), Swami Baracus (UK), and A.G. Dolla (UK).

All three MCs come together on Sureet's production and use freedom of speech to the fullest with Swami's heavy lyrics, "…verbal warnings becoming battle sounds…every speech breeching the teachings of this government," and A.G.'s opinionated addition "…I got issue with the government, issues with the parliament," flow throughout the track.

The song personifies the type of government we have and what they are trying to do to our society as Wilco's chorus goes "…trying to take my justice then my sanity and they mad at me cuz of my vanity and they wonder why we speak in profanity,…and don't try to flatter me."

2008 is going to be a hot year filled with fiery production from the Digital Desi camp, alongside the release of three amazing albums by these blazing MCs! A.G. Dolla has already created international hype with the release of his E.P., Mr. Shah. Swami Baracus will be releasing his album in late 2008, and Raja Wilco's first full length studio album, Royal Salute will be out later this year as well! So get your ears ready for some more mind-blowing tracks!


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