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Lx Seth - Attitude Efx (Video)



In an exciting turn of events, Lx Seth will finally release his first single of his new album 2110. The anticipated album is the singers follow up to his international album debut OFF THE HOOK.




The album spanned a number one music video (TURN ME ON) and an international recording contract with T-SERIES INDIA. The first single off 2110 is entitled CONTROL. The single has been issued on Lx Seth’s FACEBOOK PAGE for free streaming and can be FOUND ON THE iLike application software. Seth who was uncertain about the release date of 2110 says that the album is a unique mix of pop and RnB.

The first single is a pop/RnB cut, which sounds like a mixture between Michael Jackson and Justin Timberlake…The lyrics are strong and sound is off international quality. Seth is the only South African male doing professional pop music at the moment. He has curved a steady position for himself in the music game and has now said goodbye to Fusion Records, the company he has spent 5 years establishing.

Seth had this to say " Its been a pleasure building and working at Fusion Records, the company has taught me so much about music and its art. But unfortunately its time for me and Fusion Records too part ways for the establishment of a bigger and better company. Myself(Lx SETH) and Paul Stainbank of 4 Visions Entertainment as well as Michael Cross of Rogue Productions have joined to form a recording company known as Skitzo-phrenic Records.

The label will be the leading brand of recording houses here in Durban and eventually South Africa. Our prices cannot be matched, we offer quality, and our reputation speaks for itself. On close review, myself (LX SETH), Paul Stainbank and Michael Cross have all had major mainstream success on our own. When you put 3 power players in a room, something magical is going to happen, and that’s exactly what we are counting on. Yes! Its going to be sad too say goodbye to Fusion Records, but sometimes you must just walk away to achieve greatness…" Seth.

Lx Seth will launch the single CONTROL on WED 16 July 2008 on Lotus Fm and Red Cap Radio. On Lotus Fm, Seth will launch the single on Varshan Sookhun’s show, and on Red Cap, Seth will launch the single on the Deon Govender Show. Seth will also launch the single in the UK sometime this week on the Manni Rebel show on Asian FX, which is an UK Radio station. Asian FX has played Lx Seth BEFORE and is very impressed with South African talent. The album 2110 has 12 tracks and 4 music videos; this makes this album one of the most expensive albums ever made in terms of Indian context. The album cost almost R 200 000 to make, and is said to be one of the largest Indian albums too date.

Seth recently acquired a new team to head the 2110 project. He has brought a new publicist and a new manager to see the project right. Warren Morck has taken on the role of publicist, whilst Michael Cross has addressed the task of manager. Warren Morck , who is known for his fashion background says that he is delighted to be on board and cannot wait for the project too take off. Too top all this news off; Seth made a statement last week that he would pursue his masters in clinical psychology next year.

Clothing icons Esquared recently renewed their deal with Seth too wear and promote their clothing line known as SPRINGLEAP. Eran off Esquared said that he was delighted too have Seth resign with them, and that he had signed 20 other celebrities around South Africa in the last 4 months. Stars like Roger Goode have also signed with SPRINGLEAP to become ambassadors for the product.

In a statement, Seth said that "…it’s not easy to be endorsed in this country, people like you or they don’t, I have been very blessed to have all these companies believe in me. In saying that, real talent will always be rewarded, it’s something I believe and stand by a 100%..." Seth.

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