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G Deep - All Eyes On G (Out Now)

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Track Listing:                                                                                           Music


01 Kudiyeah Haandiyeah                                                                               RVM Sounds
02 Message To God                                                                                             P.Nox
03 Dil De De                                                                                                       Ram Ji
04 Chakiyan - Story Of Lonely Girl                                                                 Paul Tiger
05 Shaboo Rani - Princess Of Punjab                                                      Yogesh/Supastarz
06 Aashiq Tera Ni Featuring Don Revo                                                               P.Nox
07 Garibi - Poverty In The World                                                                     Mindesign
08 Jind Mahi                                                                                                          P.Nox
09 Pardesa Nu                                                                                         Yogesh/Supastarz       
10 Daru - 2 Puffs                                                                                              Teqneek
11 Nach Leh Featuring Don Revo & Young Pharaoh                                           P.Nox
12 Langiya Vella                                                                                       Yogesh/Supastarz
13 Indyton Featuring Don Revo                                                                            P.Nox
14 Saun Da Mahina (Bonus Track)                                                               Jimmy - Kannu
15 Sher Punjabi (Bonus Track)                                                                     Jimmy - Kannu
The new album by New York Punjabi vocalist G-DEEP is out now in India via The Times Music label. The album will be releasing shortly in the UK & North America!
Check out the G Deep interview which took place nearly two years ago  Here


+1 #4 Guest 2008-11-21 08:27
0 #3 SANDZ 2008-07-29 22:14
Thanx mate
0 #2 Sukh 2008-07-24 14:02
Sandz -

The album will be re-releasing very soon and will be called \'Sher Punjabi\'.

The version originally out was leaked via the internet and did not contain the Sher Punjabi track and a few others.

It will be hitting shops in a week or two?
0 #1 SANDZ 2008-07-21 20:59
The indian release album dont include the two bonus songs, how come?

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