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DJ H & Rags - Reloaded (OUT NOW!)



Mar Javan Cover

 DJ H and DJ Rags – ‘Mar Javan’ (Full Video)

DJ H & DJ Rags – Aaja Aaja (Video)


From the producer who brought us the smash hit ‘Ishq Brandy’ and ‘The Debut’ comes one of the most awaited albums of 2008. DJ H has teamed up with his fellow Calibar DJ – Rags to bring you the ultimate Bhangra album – ‘Reloaded’.

Releasing on 1st August 2008, the 16 track album is fully loaded and heaving with big tracks, from club bangers to traditional boliyaan to classic remixes. Featuring the cream of the crop from the Desi music scene, ‘Reloaded’ includes artists such as Labh Janjua, Lehmber Hussainpuri, Pankaj Khanna, Manak-E, Tanvir Gogi, Nirmal Sidhu, Miss Pooja, Billa Bakshi, Rebel Man, Kaka Bhainiawala, DJ Bola, Pooja Kumar and Jas Johal. The experience and engineering skills of Kam Frantic, Bharat Goel, Jeeti and RDB were employed to give this massive album an extra spark.

2 years in the making, DJ H and DJ Rags have taken their time to get the album right. Paying special attention to the sound and quality, the lads spent a lot of time meeting singers, writers and recording live instruments to ensure they got the best from each track. Not just focusing on the music, the album is paired with some of the finest and extravagant videos to hit Asian TV channels. Shot across the world, the videos have instilled the visual talents of Ballistic Productions and are shot in Punjab, Dubai, Mumbai and Los Angeles.

‘Aaja Aaja’ and ‘Mar Javan’, the first two tracks from the album have been topping charts and causing a frenzy on dancefloors across the country. Fans should expect some real treats on ‘Reloaded’ including classic track ‘Jind Mahi’ with fresh new music and resung by Labh Janjua, a cover version of Kuldip Manak's song 'Koi Mor' sung by Billa Bakshi and a fun duet with Miss Pooja and Nirmal Sidhu called ‘Char Panj’ and a whole host of brand spanking new tracks.

Not only does the album offer an onslaught of great Desi beats and the biggest Desi stars but it also comes with a bonus DVD featuring exclusive artist interviews, video diaries, music videos and the making of the hit track ‘Mar Javan’. Look out for a further two music videos including the ‘Jawani’ featuring Kaka Bhainwala which takes you on a trip to Punjab and ‘Peeniya’ featuring Manak-E, where you can see the lads living it up Hollywood style.

So, get ‘Reloaded’ and ready to rock whether it’s in your car or on the dance floor, the album is filled with funky beats and intense energy, taking you on a global rollercoaster ride!

‘Reloaded’ is out 1st August on Reloaded Camp Records. Your CD collection is incomplete without it. Pre-order via

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Reloaded Tracklisting:

1.       Aaja Aaja (C’mon C’mon) – Labh Janjua & Pooja Kumar

2.       Mar Javan – Pankaj Khanna, Jas Johal and Bharat Goel

3.       Gulaab – Lehmber Hussainpuri

4.       Peeniya – Manak-E

5.       Jawani – Kaka Bhainwala

6.       Sangna – Tanvir Gogi

7.       Chaa Muklavy – Billa Bakshi & Rebel Man

8.       Char Panj (Desi Mix) – Nirmal Sidhu & Miss Pooja

9.       Jind Mahi – Labh Janjua

10.   Nachda Rahu - DJ Bola & Kaka Bhainwala

11.   Wedding Boliyaan  - Labh Janjua

12.   Jawani (Breakbeat Remix) – Kaka Bhainwala

13.   Mar Javan (Reggaton Mix) - Pankaj Khanna, Jas Johal and Bharat Goel

14.   Koi Mor - Billa BakshiI

15.   Challa – Tanvir Gogi

16.   Char Panj - Nirmal Sidhu & Miss Pooja

Plus Bonus DVD - Features, Video Diary, Behind The Scenes, Videos, Interviews