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hardcore desi


Vip Records are proud to present Hardcore Desi. An album which features 10 amazing desi anthems. Hardcore Desi features vocalists such as Labh Janjua, Banny-A, Preet Brar, Jelly, M.Judge and more.

Hardcore Desi will be releasing in the UK, Canada, America, Australia and India around the end of June. Listen to promos and pre-order your copy now!



Ikko Tera Lakh Varga (Jelly)
Daru (Labh Janjua)
College (Preet Brar & Gurlej Akhtar)
Doliyan Ch Jaan (Jelly)


Track Listing  

01. Doliyan Ch Jaan -  Jelly
02. Jhukde Nai   - Banny A 
03. College    - Preet Brar/Gurlej Akhtar
04. Gori    - Jelly
05. Daru   - Labh Janjua
06. Tere Diwane  - M. Judge
07. Ikko Tera Lakh Varga - Jelly
08. Punjab   - M. Judge
09. Botal Vargee  - Jelly 
10. 5911   - Preet Brar/Gurlej Akhtar


WestCoast BAllisticz
0 #4 This album is a fake VIP logo\WestCoast BAllisticz 2008-07-31 17:06
They renamed all the tracks and gave credit to all the credit to most of the wrong artists... This is a release of the 2006 album, \'Ikko Tera Lakh Warga\', Peg by Labh Janua on that is the same as Daru on this one, also Iko Tera Lakh Warga is ung by Amar Arshi not Jelly... Buy the original and support the original artists, screw VIP...
0 #3 MANA 2008-06-26 16:37
ahm not my type ....
0 #2 Guest 2008-06-20 14:16
this sounding good loving the promos - ncie one
0 #1 Guest 2008-06-20 13:08
:-) 2nd track sounds good

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