Ananda Sen - Debut EP

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Los Angeles, CA – Bravura Artist is a group who has strived to bring forth the hottest upcoming talent in today's South Asian scene, whether it's an R&B singer, rapper or producer. On March 7th, Bravura Artist released its first mixtape, "Forces of Nature," which is a compilation of original production and remix tracks, featuring the amazing lyrical styles of artists such as: Ajaxxx, Kina Grannis, Landon Austin, Nivla, P. Oberoi, and breakout talent, ANANDA SEN.


It is with pride that we now announce that Ananda has released his debut EP, featuring five fresh, innovative and genre-bending tracks for all music enthusiasts. "Gravitate," "Women I Can't Have (Best Moves)," "Out of View," "Set Me Free," (my personal favorite) and "Surrounded" are the five amazing songs featured on this exclusive EP download. Entirely written and produced by Ananda, each track showcases Ananda's unbelievable talent as songwriter, vocalist AND producer.


To download Ananda's Debut EP, click HERE.


ANANDA HAS MUSIC VIDEOS! Be sure to check out the videos for Ananda's songs "Set Me Free" and "Out of View":


Set Me Free Video:

Out of View Video:

And for those of you who are late in hearing, singer-songwriter Ananda Sen is the man behind the amazing project, "One Song a Week," in which Ananda promised, in the summer of 2007, that he would write, record and produce one track a week for 52 weeks.  If that wasn't enough, he's putting these original songs for free download on his website.


To download Ananda's Debut EP, click HERE.

To download "Forces of Nature," right-click and save-target as HERE.



For additional information, visit:

Ananda's Website, Ananda's Official Myspace Page, or check out Ananda's Official Facebook Fan Page.



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