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Bravura Artist Presents “Forces of Nature”


To download the mixtape, please click HERE

bravura: n. Music - 1. Brilliant technique or style in performance, 2. A piece or passage that emphasizes a performer's virtuosity.

bravura: adj. 1. Music Of, relating to, or being a brilliant performance technique or style.

Having worked with some of the hottest rising talent in the U.S. and U.K., music group Bravura Artist Management is officially releasing its first mixtape under the “B.A.M.” label – Forces of Nature. This mixtape is a compilation of original production and remix tracks by artists who are publicized and promoted by the founder of Bravura Artist Management, Miss T – otherwise known as Tirusha Dave.

Hosted by comedians Harvin Sethi ( & Rasika Mathur (MTv’s We Wild n Out), Forces of Nature will be featuring the amazing lyrical styles of artists such as: Ananda Sen, Ajaxxx, Nivla, P. Oberoi, Landon Austin, Kina Grannis, Nikhil, Kaly, Raja Wilco & Young Pharaoh, alongside exceptional production by producers such as, Xplicit Desi Vibes (DJ Desiplaya, DJ P, DJ Mashup & DJ India), Sureet Sandhu, P.Nox Production, DJ Sharad and RVM Sounds.

I would like to give a special thanks to all the artists and producers who have helped make this endeavor possible, as well as all the websites that are helping to showcase the talents of the artists involved. Also a huge thanks to Kami K for putting together the Forces of Nature title track and to the boys who made the opening track possible! Thanks to everyone who is hosting the mixtape on their website as well =) Much love! And before I forget, big-up to Vimal Patel (DJ Desiplaya) for all the design work and putting together the mixtape! - Tirusha

To download the mixtape, please click HERE

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