Laddi Bath ft Gop Virk - One Peg More (Exclusive Promos)

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Laddi Bath

Laddi Bath was born in Punjab, India. He had an interest in music since the age of 10. Laddi entered many competitions and did a lot of college shows. In 2003, Laddi came to the USA. He worked with several artists over the years such as RDB and E=MC. He released two albums, "Isque Tera Naal" and "Pow Bhangra" which were produced by the Jassi Brothers of India. Laddi was also featured on RDB’s "Danger 3" and "Urban Flavor 3" albums as well as E=MC’s "And What" album. He recently collaborated with Off License and their Apache Indian project. Laddi has done shows in the USA with big artists like Babbu Mann and Lember Husanpuri. After working on these collaborations Laddi decided to put

together his own album. He took his experiences over the years and combined the best of all sides. He took the producers from the UK and the best rapper making underground noise in the states and the UK (Gop Virk) and together created the album hit, "One Peg More". Laddi and Gop worked months with Gops video team to put together a project that has never been done in this genre of music before. The collaboration of the two brought a Hip Hop urban flavor to the Bhangra scene. The high caliber video for "One Peg More" was shot on a rooftop in midtown

Manhattan – next to the Empire State Building. All of the unique pieces put together a puzzle that will be talked about for many years to come. Laddi Bath’s album consists of both party tracks and slow songs appealing to everybody.


Gop Virk

GOP incorporates all of his hardships and realities into his music lyrically and emotionally. Being raised on the streets gave Gop a street sense that earned him street credence and respect, but a lot of trouble at home. Gop struggled living with his brother, going to College during the day and hustling at night to make his and his brothers rent. This is when Gop’s talents were truly put together. His street smarts and natural intelligence along with the hunger to do well in school formed an intellectual, introspective and life experienced New York City and Indian cultured

Rapper from Queens. Gop speaks about being inspired by rappers like NAS, Jay-Z, Biggie Smalls, and LL Cool Jay. He has always been the guy that glows under the spot light. He was a member of a dance crew in the U.K, and Cleveland, and won the Mr. India New York competition in Queens. He was also featured in the Bollywood hit film "Kal Ho Na Ho", but Hip Hop was always where his heart was. Gop’s meaningful flows garnered him immediate attention from big Asian Producers like Panjabi MC, who collaborated with him in the United Kingdom and India.

Sony BMG released his single titled "Why Don’t They Care" in India, where he flowed in his native language Panjabi. He also worked with internationally renowned producers and artists in the Bhangra movement and underground Hip Hop club scene. Gop recorded tunes and is part of several music videos, including "World Wide" shot in New York, England and Hungry,

"Ek Peg" shot around New York City, and "Bounce It" shot in downtown Manhattan. His collaborations with the biggest producers and artists in the Bhangra scene will be released in early 2008 on their albums. Through these collaborations Gop will be introduced to the global Bhangra movement where his mainstream potential will be revealed. Gop is currently working on his own Hip Hop/Bhangra album which is set for release by VIP Records in mid-2008. Industry expectations are that following in the footsteps of his smash single "Why Don’t They Care" which created a tremendous buzz in the Indian scene, his Hip Hop/Bhangra album is said to be something that both the Eastern and the Western world will love.

He combines his cultures and brings something different and original to the Hip Hop world. The combination of his lyrics, delivery, flow, style, and his own producers will bring a product that the Hip Hop game has been waiting for. Gop’s single "Bounce It" is a guaranteed club smasher, as is its video which awaits a mainstream release. GOP has performed in various open mics around New York City and has shot an underground music video entitled "Menace to the Industry" where he collaborates with another underground rapper from Brooklyn. With his looks, flow, style and lyrics you just got respect him, his name: Gop Virk The album ‘One Peg More’ will be releasing 19th March 2008. For more information on the album please visit

Track listing:

1) One Peg More

2) Akaran Na Kar

3) Thake Utthe

4) Pasand

5) Tera Naam

6) Khulla Saudha

7) Majboor

8) Jaan Jaan

9) Nachna Ni Aunda

10) Thanedara

11) Gora Mukhdra


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wat a song its sikkkk hope the album is is sikkkkk 2
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