It Was Written ? Young Pharaoh

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It Was Written – Young Pharaoh (Produced By: Sureet Sandhu & P.Nox Productions)


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Sureet Sandhu of Digital Desi Productions has collaborated with NJ-based powerhouse P.Nox Productions and their fiery MC, Young Pharaoh. The end result: It Was Written.


As a key figure in the creation and popularization of urban South Asian music, a style of Rap & Hip-Hop music characterized with South Asian sounds such as the dhol and tumbi, Sureet Sandhu – of Digital Desi Productions – was the first South Asian producer from the US to make waves on the BBC Asian Network and his relationship with the Network has flourished ever since – helping other artists attain radio play and exposing their name as they never thought possible.  


Producer Sureet says that the beat is a mix of "hip-hop on a conscious tip." Continuing that the beat is also quite, "melodic and emotional, which I think is portrayed by the acoustic guitar riff. The drums are mainly arranged using "can" sounds, which gives it that sense of rawness."


As powerful as the beat it's self is, Young Pharaoh portrays and depicts true emotion just through the chorus of the song which is, "Sometimes the bad guy wins and the good die young, life is like a test, judgment day gonna come, it was written, whether pain or love, no excuse for the actions, only God can judge…"


Young Pharaoh uses "It Was Written" as a canvas to lyrically paint three different stories, and exposes the hardships which people have to face in their lives: a girl who spends her nights at the threshold of others; a man who wants to avenge his sisters' death; finally, a man who was locked up in Guantanamo Bay. Young Pharaoh raps about the "power for the strugglin'" while painting a picture of "tears for the dead," in his emotional yet provocative track. With each new story comes a new struggle and personifies the corruption. One can sit here and preach to you the meaning of this track but instead, listen to it and then you'll see "judgment day gonna come."


"It Was Written" will be featured on numerous mixtapes throughout the year as well as special hosting on the Digital Desi and P. NOX Productions websites & MySpace.


To Download, Right-Click & Save-Target As: HERE


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