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'DJ Dips - Stand Up Vol. 1


dj dips


From Boliyaan and Ballads to Bollywood and banging Bhangra beats, 'Stand Up Vol.1', the debut solo album from DJ Dips will be available for digital download from Friday 20th February and in stores from next week.

The 11 track album features artists such as Sanj V, Sabar Koti, Sharmilla, Ashok Gill, Jati Cheed, Lehmber Hussainpuri, Kaka Bhaniawala, Miss Pooja and Rafataq Ali Khan with Sunil Kalyan working his magic on the percussion.

Formerly of Ominous DJs, Dips has made a conscious effort to create a fresh and unique sound whilst also reviving some classic Panjabi musical styles on his album. His experimenting has been a hit so far, with 'Gal Sun' and 'Nagin' proving to be popular radio tracks.

As a full-time DJ, Dips has used his knowledge and experience to create an album which he thinks will appeal to a wide audience, saying "I know everyone says this, but there's something on the album for everyone. Digital downloads are big, each track on the album has to be able to stand on its own as a single so people can pick and choose. I have tried to make the album appeal to a wide audience."

Teaming up with Sunil Kalyan, particular attention has been give to percussion resulting in the album being jam packed with the finest desi beats. The track 'Ek Gerra' sees Dips collaborate with Team Dips for an attack of dhol beats for a real dancefloor filler. Promoting UK talent further, 'Nach Nach' features rising star Jati Cheed for a fast paced Bhangra dance track.

With all these dance numbers Dips still manages to slow it down with 'Tere Yaad'. Featuring Sanj V's vocals over classical sarangi and tabla pieces, the song is sure to make even the most musically learned people listen in awe. Furthermore Rafaqat Ali Khan lends his vocals to 'Ranja Ranja' for a fusion of modern beats and traditional lyrics.

The next video release from 'Stand Up Vol.1' is perhaps the most anticipated song from the album. It's the first time a Boliyaan of this magnitude has been put together. 'Gerra De De' sees three of Punjab's biggest Bhangra stars come toegther on one massive track - Kaka Bhaniawala, Lehmber Hussainpuri and Miss Pooja. Look out for the video hitting your screens in a few weeks.

Full of a mix of old school desi flavours and dancefloor fillers, 'Stand Up Vol. 1' will be available for digital downloads from 20th February and available in music stores from next week.


1.       Gerra De De - Miss Pooja, Lehmber Hussainpuri, Kaka Bhaniawala

2.       Nagin - Sharmilla feat MC Rax

3.       Gal Sun - Sanj V

4.       Pathlo -  Sabar Koti

5.       Tere Yaad - Sanj V

6.       Ek Gerra - Ashok Gill feat Team Dips

7.       Nach Nach - Jati Cheed

8.       Ranja Ranja - Rafaqat Ali Khan

9.       Daru Peeke - Kaka Bhaniawala - DJ GURPS

10.   Gal Sun (Supa Starz Remix) - Sanj V

        11.   Tere Yaad Outro



The promo track "Chadti Aashaqui" from the forthcoming album "Stand Up" by DJ Dips Feat Kaka Bhaniawala ....(CLICK HERE TO LISTEN )

This is the first promo to be out from the album which is to be released in April/May 2008. The album has a great line up which will be revealed closer to the release date. - Enjoy and Leave your comments !!

The next Ominous DJs album is set to be released early 2008 entitled - Ominous DJs - Enough Is Enough 'Bas Kar'...


DJ Dips, formerly of Ominous DJs is gearing up to unleash his first solo project on the Bhangra scene.

Promising to bring you a mix of old school desi flavours and dancefloor fillers, DJ Dips will be releasing his album – ‘Stand Up Vol. 1’ early 2009 through 4Play Recordings.

Here’s a snippet of ‘Gal Sun’ the first track to be taken off the album which features the powerful vocals of Delhi based Sanj V. Inspired by the Delhi and Mumbai party scene; ‘Gal Sun’ serves up a commercial dance vibe with a Punjabi twist. The track is sure to be a hit on the club scene, just in time for the party season.

Look out for the video coming online and on your favourite music channels.

More on DJ Dips

  1. DJ Dips started djing at the tender age at the age of 11 and performed at his first club gig when he was just 14. From the age of 15 the young DJ went on to hit the roadshow circuit and has since been perfecting his skills and gaining immense recognition on the Desi scene. Dips is currently part of Calibar Discothèque roadshow.
  1. As part of hit collective Ominous DJs, DJ Dips released his first album in 2003 'Best Kept Secret' at the age of 17. The well received album was then followed up with another hit album, 'Unfinished Business' in 2006 which was teamed up with extremely creative music videos.
  1. Demand for the talented DJ has seen him perform for party goers around the world including; Norway, Canada, India, Kenya, Rotterdam, Amsterdam, Tenerife, Miami and Spain.