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Imran Khan - President Roley (Out Now)

After a year and a half off, Imran Khan returns to the Punjabi music industry with President Roley!

Imran Khan has announce that he will be releasing the track 'President Roley' on October 13, 2017. The track has been produced by Don Ray

Imran's last track was 'Hat Trick' which he released last May alongside Yaygo Musalini. The track seemed as if it was a direct shot at another artist in the industry who seemed to have the same type of swagger to his music and lyrics as IK seems to have. It was a huge hit as Imran's songs usually have been even though they have been so far in between releases.

His first huge track was 'Ni Nachleh' which he released over 10 years ago, he followed that up with the album 'Unforgettable in 2009' which still has tracks played from it all over the world. That album featured the big track 'Amplifier' which to this day is still going very strong at various functions and the perfect track to get the crowd going!

We expect more big things from Imran Khan from this release and releases he has in the future. He takes his time to release his music but he makes sure it is quality and top notch.

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