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‘‘D-boy never lets me down, from underground street bangers to dance floor anthems, he’s always on point'' DJ Nihal (BBC Radio 1/BBC Asian Network)

 ''Bringing the new into British music'' Asher D

 ''D-Boy is without a doubt one of the UK's hottest producers. His mixture of soul, Hip Hop, R&B and Desi music is unstoppable!'' DJ Neev (Presenter Kiss 100)

D-Boy’s debut single ‘Nach Ke - Bhangra Bounce’ featuring Swiss [So Solid] and VdublE, was released last year and made a huge impact in clubs and radio. It became one of the fastest rising urban club tracks of 2008. His appearance on the Bobby Friction & Nihal Presents Show on Radio1 took in the most text messages ever live on the show. Shot in LA, the outstanding video for the single was nominated for ‘Best Music Video’ at this year’s Asian Music Awards.

 But D-Boy is no stranger to receiving accolades and critical acclaim. He is one of very few creative’s that go as far as penning top lines, lyrics, performing, arranging, through to final production that makes him exceptional. His songwriting skills alongside fellow songwriters Sharifa Shi and Chris ‘Marz’ Marsac, have led them to win the British Academy of Songwriters and Composers with Music Week ‘Overall Best Song’ in 2005 with ‘Reap what you Sow’. In 2006, the same team were awarded second place in the ‘Best Song’ category for their song ‘Heartbreaker’ at the Songwriters Academy in conjunction with

Since, D-Boy has produced one of India’s biggest hit of 2007 [8 weeks in the top 5 charts] when he produced ‘Look 4 Me’ for music artist Hard Kaur.  The single helped launch her career in India and has become a public smash hit.

 It’s now his time to shine with his own solo debut album ‘Playback’ that has fans poised to purchase.

“I grew up on a heavy dose of early Amitabh Bachchan flicks but grew up in Battersea.  My influences are

 Hip Hop, Desi flavours and I have a thick R&B background that is very apparent in Playback. Lots of piano and strings! My sound is hard to define but easier to feel”. D-Boy

 The ‘Playback’ project reveals a lot about the producer and his identity. Each of the tracks on the album follows the same concept, the marrying of his two different identities, British and Indian. Both these influences are now intrinsically bound and part of his creative process, how he hears music and therefore his output.  As well as being a nod to Indian cinemas concept of playback singing - many talented artists coming together to share the spotlight but simply using one playback mic, the experimental element comes through in the make up of the tracks – not littered with out and out Indian Tumbi’s and samples.

 The concept originally stemmed from a massive underground mid tempo, hip hop track ‘Come Closer [Dheere Dheere]’ produced by D-Boy and sung by UK MC Baby Blue.  The full album includes a banging electro track Tu Kaha (Where are You?) with Hindi vocalist Desh, a grime influenced track ‘Best Described’ featuring UK MC Pyrelli, a futuristic pop R&B track ‘Keep On Moving’ with Selah, topped with one of the UK’s biggest Punjabi talent ‘Des-C’ who as a one off sings in Hindi matched with R&B style production. The new laid back single ‘Loveless’ narrates a story about forbidden love, the struggles and racism and features So Solid/Reelist R&B singer Sef and UK rapper A G Dolla.

 D-boy first began his career in music at a young age playing the drums for his school band. He left his loft studio as a teenager to study music production at The John Marley Centre, Newcastle.  He left with honours to pursue what he really loved. With an ear for talent, the first two artists he spent time developing and producing were Sharifa Shi and now the multi million selling artist Estelle. Later on alongside his brothers Shabz (So Solid) and Sef (The Reelists) they also landed their first development with the artist Bruce Boniface who is now successfully signed to Sony. Bruce has since moved to LA where he recently penned ‘Lie About Us’ for Avant featuring Nicole Scherzinger. 

 With lorry loads of talent and star quality in spades, D-Boy is Innovative and fearless in presenting his modern day soundscape for a multi cultural audience.  We hope you enjoy.

The album ‘Playback’ is Out Now!

The new single ‘Loveless’ Feat. AG Dolla & Sef was out on 4th August 2008.


The Journey

D-boy first began his career in music at a young age playing the drums for his school band. By the time he was a teenager, he was creating music on an Atari computer in

his loft before journeying North to study the musical craft atthe John Marley Centre. His first foray into his professional career was developing a new singer called Sharifa Shi, which he left a ‘suited’ job to pursue, and then producing the now renowned female MC Estelle. Along with Shabz (Music Kidz/So Solid) and Sef (The Reelists) they got their first

development, Bruce Boniface, signed to Sony. Bruce has since moved to LA where he recently penned ‘Lie About Us’ for Avant featuring Nicole Scherzinger and Estelle is now

signed to John Legend’s new label imprint



The Awards

D-boy’s songwriting unit, Synergetic, with Sharifa Shi and Chris ‘Marz’ Marsac won ‘Overall Best Song’ in 2005 with ‘Reap what you Sow’ for the British Academy of Songwriters and Composers (in connection with Music Week). In 2006, they were

awarded second place with their song ‘Heartbreaker’, in conjunction with and the Songwriters Academy


The Playback

In 2005, D-boy teamed up with UK MC Baby Blue and produced ‘Come Closer (Dheere Dheere)’, a Hindi sampled track with a mid tempo, hip hop feel which became a massive underground Asian hip hop smash. The track landed the deal with VIP Urban and PLAYBACK PROJECT was born. The concept is simple - there’s just one playback mic (like those used in Bollywood cinema to record vocals) but many voices to take to the spotlight. The first single from the album is ‘Nach Ke (Bhangra Bounce)’ which combines Swiss’s eloquent rap style alongside a fierce and angelic Hindi vocal and a superstar-spit from V dubl E. It’s a mix made in PLAYBACK heaven. And the icing on the cake? A soon to be legendary video shot in Hollywood, complete with palm trees, an afro wig, 70’s dance moves and leopard skin furry dice! It perfectly captures the energy and the heat that comes with the bhangra infused hip hop single. The rest of the highly anticipated PLAYBACK album features a wealth of talent pulled together by D-boy including Punjabi Maestro Des-E (formally of the Mentor Kolectiv), R&B crooner Sef, Ranjit Mani from India, Swiss, Sharifa Shi, A G Dolla, plus many more show stoppers.

The single ‘Nach Ke (Bhangra Bounce)’ will be released December 10th 2007 on Desi Hits / iTunes and VIP Records, and will be followed by the album ‘Playback’ in early 2008 on VIP Records.


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never eard of im n i work 4 asain network i met many ppl lik rishi rich , the dhami family (h-dhami, palwinder dhami n his daughter)djh n rags etc
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very ggooooooodd
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D-Boy, Swiss & V Dble E - Nach Ke (Bhangra Bounce) [Dubl Up Remix] Now out -

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