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Milan - Fatal Fuzion (Promos) - Album Now Released

The Sound Pipe Records is proud to present the up and coming singer “Milan” with his debut Album "Fatal Fuzion" with music by The Sound Pipe Studio out 23/11/07.

LONDON, -- 17 November 2007 – The Sound Pipe Records presents Milan, the talented singer from West London. Milan from a young age has listened to and appreciated the folk talents of Kuldip Manak and the late, Amar Singh Chamkila. Being born in West London, not too far from Southall has helped him to keep the love for good Bhangra music alive. He began singing at a young age in front of his friends and family and soon had a renowned reputation to be a good vocalist. With the release of his debut album ‘Fatal Fuzion’ he hopes it will breathe life back into Bhangra, and show the new generation what the new standards are.

  1. Fatal Fuzion feat. Darc Horizon
  2. Bandh Bottlaan
  3. Gidhey Vich
  4. Punjabi Shere feat. Kaos
  5. Terey Naam feat. Asha
  6. The Story So Far feat. Ustad Yamla Jatt
  7. Dhulla Bhatti
  8. Listen Up feat. Kaos
  9. Koka
  10. Jatt Melley
  11. Gettin' Down feat. Kaos