Bups Saggu ft. Zora Randhawa - Faaltu (Out Now)

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"Faaltu" is Bups Saggu’s second single in 2017 following the huge global success of his debut vocal track 'Black Magic'.

Bups Saggu ft. Zora Randhawa - Faaltu

Song: Faaltu

Music: Bups Saggu

Vocals: Zora Randhawa

Lyrics: Attri

Release Date: 30th March 2017

Label: Moviebox

Presentation: Anup Kumar

The new edition to Bups' hit catalogue featuring the powerful vocals of one of the Punjabi industry's leading male artists Zora Randhawa and is a full-throttle Desi track that screams attitude with no nonsense!

Faaltu (meaning "unnecessary", "useless", "nonsense"), is written by Attri, was produced over a year ago by Saggu with the intention of utilising the vocals of Zora Randhawa. We all know by now Bups is very meticulous when it comes to the right vocalist and mentions, "only Zora could have pulled this song off, nobody else would have done it justice as much as Zora has". Bups and Zora have been friends for years, as most who follow their socials would know, however they both made sure that when the right track was to come along, only then they would collaborate.

Zora Randhawa, born in Amritsar, Punjab, is currently one of the highest profile Punjabi vocalists who has his own anthems under his belt alongside the megastar producer Dr Zeus and such as Inch, 22Da and Wonderland to name a few. A key element of Zora's success is down to Dr Zeus who has mentored Randhawa to become the leading artist he is. As a matter of fact, Bups also mentions that it was Zeus himself who agreed to the collaboration as he too saw the potential of a great track to be.

No corners have been cut in this project. The video has been shot by the well renowned Robby Singh and took place in numerous locations in Goa, India. The start of the video captures the characters that Bups and Zora are portraying followed by a classy and energetic performance. Definitely a video to watch!

The collaboration of the superstar DJ and vocalist of the Punjabi Music Industry is guaranteed to make waves across the world amongst Bhangra lovers, fans and devoted followers.

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Its a OK track like the production not feeling the lyrics

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