Jas Dhingra - Mixaholic (Out Now)

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JAS DHINGRA the artist formerly known as LL COOL SINGH

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Jas Dhingra, better known as LL COOL SINGH, is back in the studio after an intended break from music production.  Having first made his mark on the UK Bhangra scene in the 90’s, Jas Dhingra, a.k.a. LL Cool Singh quickly established himself as a talented disc jockey and music producer who was able to create hypnotic mixes without losing the essence of true Bhangra music.  Worldwide recognition did not come overnight…with over 12 years experience and performances in some of the most prestigious venues in four continents of the world, Jas has spent years fine tuning his melodic formula!

Launching his next album under his birth name, Jas Dhingra is proud to bring you his latest masterpiece album on 4Play Recordings.  After taking a break from music production to concentrate on international performances and recognition, one may have doubted that he would have returned to supplement his past sell-out albums with a new one.  But deep down, Jas knew that he would return with a wealth of experience and new ideas to take Bhangra to the next level.  


The new album has been created with sounds that have been picked up and experimented on the dance floor throughout Jas Dhingra’s musical career.  Each tune has been inspired by a different genre of music, retaining the essence of traditional Bhangra through the vocals, instruments or scripts. Vocal talent includes the highly rated singer Mukki G, (other singers) and vocalist Sonia Panesar who has recently risen to fame featuring on the Swami album.  Alongside the vocalists we have the Mixaholics themselves, dhol players and MCs who have aided Jas Dhingra along his career.  A strong line up of talent is ready to hit you in this promo pack.  4Play Recordings is also teaming up with x1x Film and Design, to bring you Jas Dhingra’s music video, so keep a look out on all major Asian TV channels over the next few weeks.



0 #30 Guest 2008-12-01 01:22
Keep it up Jas. Good Luck ............its ur cousin from Australia.Guess who????
0 #29 Guest 2008-05-06 17:56
not my type........... .......... :whistle:
0 #28 heyGuest 2008-02-27 13:27
B) :D
0 #27 Shahrukh 2008-02-24 10:01
nice songsssssssssss
Sunny B
0 #26 mixaholicSunny B 2008-02-05 20:11
Hi Guy. I was wwlking down southall broadwa and i heard a wicked version of Challa. I asked the man at the stall and he told me that it was the new Jas Dhingra/llcools ingh. I got the cd and its sounding havey ! I love Gabhru, Challa Dub and Naare. It it up man.
0 #25 oye hoye***jatt*** 2008-01-14 13:28
lovin the tracks
whens it out lol
cnt wait no more
0 #24 punjabi-kurrii 2008-01-04 05:48
gooodddd songsssss!
lol the first song was tooo fast... couldnt keep up with the music HAHA!
niceee workkk jas ^^
0 #23 RaahhhBally 2007-12-31 20:41
Smashed it...........lo ve the Challa track!
0 #22 Guest 2007-12-31 10:45
0 #21 Guest 2007-12-27 01:09
:whistle: album not out yet says 2008!!!
0 #20 ????????? 2007-12-26 23:20
ny body no were i can get this frm :-?: :-?: :-?:
0 #19 ?Sonu 2007-12-23 16:14
Whats with the name man,? LL Cool Singh, its good 2 c that hes changed his name. Sounds quite good musically.
BIG MISTAKE - \"IF ITS NOT BROKEN, DONT FIX IT\" (cuz you cant). Remake of challa was a waste of time.

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