Ajaxxx's Acclaimed Track, "Walk With You"

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In today's hip-hop scene, not often enough do you come across an artist who is trying to express a positive message through his lyrics. Yet one artist – Ajaxxx – challenges that very notion while trying to do something positive for his community too. Gun violence is a serious crime in America – there's no denying that. Although much is being done to stop this issue, m ore and more of our neighborhoods are falling victim to this violent crime. It's time to step-up and speak-out against gun crime!

A contest called "Rap Against Violence," founded by Norm Wolfinger, was established in Florida to help promote a positive message. The contest, now in its second year, summoned artists from the state of Florida to create an original hip hop song containing a message against gangs and/or gun crime, while promoting the message of stepping-up and speaking-out when witnessing crime in your community. After entries were sent in and received, ten winners were picked to be featured in a public service campaign on Brighthouse Networks and also aired on popular radio station 102 JAMZ. Of the contestants, one artist who caught the attention of the judges and captured this glory was none other than Ajaxxx. Produced by TyPeNyCe, he titled his song "Walk With You."

"Walk With You" will bring tears to your eyes. When you listen to his song, you realize the pain and grief which he is trying to convey through his lyrics. At the same time, however, he is spreading a message that, "if you pull the trigger, you take more than a life." Ajaxxx is absolutely right.

When asked what he hopes listeners retain from his song, Ajaxxx asserted: "Don't get caught up in all the fake glamorization of violence on TV. It's like I said at the end of the track, we need to start being more responsible because it really isn't worth it. More and more people ARE dying out here. We gotta come together cause if we don't, there will be more senseless violence, and EVERYONE will be affected ."

For more information, please visit:
102 JAMZ, Florida State, Rap Against Violence

"Walk With You" can also be heard on Ajaxxx's next release, The Set Up (Mixtape). So mark your calenders for his next big release...!!!

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