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Sandeep Brar - Step Cut (Out Now)

After the release of the super hit track 'Chaar Din' by Sandeep Brar, releases his next single 'Step Cut' with music record label Lokdhun.

The music is by the international icon Aman Hayer, the lyrics are written by Shivjot and video by TeamDG.

The lyrics and video of 'Chaar Din' featuring Kulwinder Billa were loved by his fans, 'Same Time Same Jagah, Agley Oh Din, Fer Marjani Aake Shat Te Khadi.'

Rupinder had the privilege to catch up with Sandeep and ask him about his new song:

Can you tell us a bit about the track 'Step Cut?'

It's about girls beauty and her features at next level as it usually expresses its definition as in the title.

What inspired you to do the song? Where did the idea of the song come from and how long have you been working on the track?

The idea of the song is of Shivjot who is the writer. He is an active member of our team. One day we were travelling from Amritsar and enroute Jot showed these lines from his written collection. I discussed it immediately with Billa bai because I was genuinely impressed with the lines and after that step by step our idea is now as a Project 😊And talking about time limit we worked on the track for around six months.

What do you have coming next?

In future I'm working on an album which is almost final.

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