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Badal Talwan, Popsy - Naan (Out Now)

Popsy THE MUSIC MACHINE has released his latest track 'Naan' featuring the vocals of Badal Talwan.

Badal's latest track was a track done near the end of last year with Aman Hayer titled 'Pakki Yaar' and his most popular song to date has been Chaska Duet which featured Jaswinder Jassi and music once again from the one and only Aman Hayer.

Popsy is one of the most recognizable producers in the industry, having done songs for the likes of Jazzy B, Subaig Singh Kandola, Shin DCS, and many more.

Jovan had the opportunity to catch up with Popsy and he had this to say about the track:

"Naan is simply about a wife saying to to her other half if mess about with you'll be eating Naans instead of the usual chapatties or parontha lol.

Naan is not my usual style of production, I've tried being a bit more contemporary in my production style which you'll firstly notice. It's a track to that will definitely have the dance- floors moving.

I love the track simply because it's a bit of an experiment with the 'popsy' sound I'm sure you guys will love it".

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