Garry Sandhu & Jasmine Sandlas - Laddu (Out Now)

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Garry Sandhu & Jasmine Sandlas release their track 'Laddu' very soon. The track will feature music from Gold Boy, lyrics from Baljeet Pasla and Beat Minister.

This sounds like a huge Bhangra track from the behind the scene videos we have seen so far and it looks like the ideal combination. Garry Sandhu is one of the most talented vocalists in Punjabi music and has released some great music as of late.

Jasmine Sandlas newest work includes the track "Haaniyan" where she worked with Canadian producer DJ Intense and lyricist Lalie Gill and it was a great track. She also released 'Baddal' alongside DJ Intense this past year as well. She is one of the best female vocalists in the world and she has proved it over the last couple of years.

Garry Sandhu has had a busy past year and had been touring all over the world alongside female Punjabi vocalist Nimrat Khaira. The tour has been very successful and had sold out shows in every city they were in. Garry's latest work was with the one and only Roach Killa on 'Heartbroken' with lyrics written by Deepa Bandala and is also one of the top songs to release in the last few months.

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0 #1 Garry Sandhu & Jasmine Sandlas - Laddu (Out Now)Valentin 2017-01-31 21:01
love it jasmine is wasting her talent by not singing folk music....

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