Jassie Gill - Snapchat (Out Now)

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Young superstar Jassie Gill will be releasing the track entitled 'Snapchat' with music label Speed Records. The lyrics are written by Babbu and the music has been produced by Preet Hundal.

'Snapchat' is the third song from the album 'Jump 2 Bhangra.' The first two dancefloor anthems released last year, 'Yaar Jatt Di' by Jassie Gill and Babbal Rai and 'Na Kar Gayee' by Babbal Rai. Both tracks have received a great response and are still played worldwide.

Besides from singing Jassie has acted in many Punjabi films such as 'Dildariyaan' and 'Channo Kamli Yaar Di.'

So lets see how this song uses Snapchat, which is a popular app currently used by all generations.

Don't miss the new track releasing soon!

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