Bups Saggu Ft. Stylish Singh - Black Magic (Out Now)

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Black Magic is Bups Saggu’s latest single and is described as a mainstream level product that is not only predicted to top the charts ...

... but to mark a point in history by making Bups Saggu the first ever DJ, producer, musician, songwriter and singer in the Punjabi Music Industry.

The latest edition to Bups’ countless hits is an urban Asian song in which a woman (whether or not she is a figment of his imagination) has cast a spell on Saggu in which he is completely at her disposal and love bound.

All that have heard Black Magic best describe the song having a real catchy melody and chorus that people will surely sing along to. Saggu has mentioned this song was produced over 3 years ago and only now he feels is the right time to showcase it as the product finally represents the vision he originally wanted to capture when penning the lyrics.

Saggu consciously chose Black Magic to be the first of his single releases of 2017 as it not only shows a different angle to his cemented Desi sound, it would be fresh to all listeners and not the norm that is common nowadays in Asian and urban music. Bups mentions he has not had the chance to release his own single since the dancefloor hit 'Bodyguard' as he has been busy with endless DJ shows mainly with the “Bups Saggu Roadshow” and collaborating on upcoming songs with other artists.

Saggu adds, “In 2017, I aim to release about four of my own singles which I never got to do in 2016. Aside from Desi numbers including 'Faaltu' (ft. Zora Randhawa) and 'Garrari' (ft. Saini Surinder), I hope to showcase my versatility through my urban Asian and Bolly Pop tracks. I look forward to keeping my current Desi fan-base on their toes with some bad-boy Bhangra whiclst simultaneously making some serious noise in the world of Bollywood! Hopefully I can be an inspiration to fellow DJ’s and producers to release what they feel is right and not go by the norm.”

In 2016 Bups was signed by the crème del-a-crème of managers, Anup Kumar who has many artists under his belt including formerly Yo Yo Honey Singh. Kumar’s vision for Saggu is not to only be the “Superstar DJ” of the Asian world that he already is, but a versatile performing artist and producer both in Punjabi and Bollywood. Anup is known to transform dreams into reality, so it would be intriguing to see where Saggu ends up a few years from now.

Black Magic music video has been filmed by Ant Horasanli of N5 Pictures and captures dark arts, voodoo and mystical elements that are stereotype to the term “Black Magic” and how this love “spell” has left Bups is a state of desperation, frustration and love sick at this girl’s demise. This is definitely a video worth the watch for its out-of-the-box concept.

Black Magic is released on Zee Music Company on the 5th January 2017 midnight on iTunes and all other digital platforms.

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0 #2 Bups Saggu Ft. Stylish Singh - Black Magic (Out Now)Preet 2017-07-04 23:25
When is his next track, not bad vocals x
Ghaint Munda
-3 #1 Please...Ghaint Munda 2017-01-05 12:56
Stick to producing and never sing again. Rubbish lyrics and 0 training.

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