Bobby Singh - Gujaratan (Out Now)

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Gujaratan is a tongue-in-cheek and lighthearted Panjabi single set for release on Thursday 27th October 2016 by Bobby Singh via Amber Records.

Bobby Singh is not new to the UK Bhangra scene but is now wanting to take his passion for music to areas not discovered before. He has done just that with “Gujaratan” whereby he has taken society happenings and used his lyrical ability to produce a song which some can relate to. Gujaratan does not promote any ideologies but just a single which wants its listeners to take it in a carefree context.

With 2 recent releases; “Goll Moll” and "Ho Gya Pyar” Bobby is excited about this particular single as he knows he has pushed the boundaries and is hoping his fans will enjoy the song as much as he does. Its musically easy on the ears with a flowing composition and production by the infamous Kam Frantic. The vocals are clear and well complemented to the female voiceover incorporated. The official music video has been filmed by Surinder Singh and will be made available from the single release date.

Bobby is a successful Self Employed builder working In the construction industry but has always been fanatical about Panjabi music and singing since his early years. Born and bred In native Panjab (India), Bobby has settled in England for the past few years. He wants to use his experiences and drive to create Panjabi music that he loves.