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Jhinda-Music - Murkeh Ohna Nai (Out Now)

Murkeh Ohna Nai is Jhinda-Music second track from EP - Aad The Beginning.

Murkeh Ohna Nai is the summer punjabi house anthem of 2016! Inspired by Jhinda’s earlier years of schoolboy antics with the lads it embodies the idea of enjoying the moment! The hook was actually written by Jhinda himself, however it was the lyrical legend Bhinder Khanpuri who helped put the rest of the concept into words.

The track features the lively and spirited vocals of Balwinder Mathewaria. The video is set in Ibiza, the party capital of the world! The home to the worlds best clubs, exclusive electronic music and breathtaking backdrops. The video is a shot uniquely from Jhinda's own perspective whilst on holiday with friends.

Murkeh Ohna Nai is a fun song for everyone to enjoy and is a compliment to any celebration. This is the second track from Jhinda-Music, part of his first EP - Aad The Beginning.

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