Jassie Gill - Gabbroo (Out Now)

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Coming this August is Jassie Gill new single titled '#Gabbroo'.

Ludhiana, one of Punjab’s biggest cities, has been notorious across the world for clothing and fashion for many years. This vibrant city however, has quickly become famous for another reason. Rising from the village of Jandali, a young man named Jassie Gill has helped Ludhiana be known globally, for a lot more than just fabric.

The singer and actor has swiftly achieved household status, with his name finding its way into college and university conversations throughout the world. Whether it’s because of his latest film or smash hit song, Asian ladies wanting to see him and Asian guys want to be like him.

5 years in a music career can be seen as a short lived journey, but when comparing to his peers, Jassie Gill has certainly delivered. Whether starting from his debut album, Bachmate in 2011, right through to his last anthem Attt Karti, every release has been a major success.

In addition to singing, the icon has risen to Romeo like recognition, taking lead acting roles in many super hit Punjabi movies. Titles including the famous Mundeyan Ton Bachke Rahin and Dildariyaan, one of our favorites, out in 2014 and 2015 respectively.

His singing success ripped through the lands like wildfire, with the launch of his 2014 smash hit, Baapu Zimidar. The song took his voice to the forefront of dancefloors across the globe. This evergreen hit has accumulated a massive 25 Million hits on YouTube since launch.

Jassie impressed fans around the world once again in 2015 with his song Laden. This famous song quickly became one of the most radio played songs in Punjab and has amounted almost 20 million YouTube views to date.

Fast forward to the start of this year and Jassie was back with one of the biggest songs of 2016, Attt Karti. Flicked back hair, razor sharp beard, and hours of effort in the gym saw a reformed Jassie Gill bringing a winning formula in this global monster hit anthem. Teaming up with world famous video director Arvindr Khaira, they delivered a crisp, story themed, high end video, that has seen over 10 Million views since launch. Attt Karti achieved BBC Asian Download chart and playlist success and is still requested by Asian partygoers in every continent today.

His success is not just here say, with Jassie having a massive 4.7 million fans across Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Each residing all over the world, showcasing both his global reach and appeal. Each fan is excited and counting down his next release, Gabbroo!

Jassie did not want to disappoint and has taken the winning formula from his last song Attt Karti, by working with Arvindr Khaira again on the visuals. Shot on location in Australia, the impressive video, accompanies his sure fire new smash hit vocal and music. The music for Gabbroo has been produced by Preet Hundal, with lyrics inked by the talented Jaani.

The song tells the story from the perspective of our Gabbroo, who is confiding in the one he wants to be with. He is simply asking her to make a decision about their future together. It seems she is neither here nor there, but we will all have to wait till the 12th August to see if she makes a decision by the end of this three and a half minute head bopping treat.

The song provides a fresh cut through beat, with jazzy synths over a melodious signature vocal from Jassie. Gabbroo will not only be loved by those loyal fans, but also be an invitation to others who continue to fall in love with this rising superstar.

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