Malkit Singh ft. Dj Vix - Selfie Boliyan (Out Now)

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The King of Bhangra Malkit Singh has just announced his third single from his upcoming album 'Midas Touch 3' called 'Selfie Boliyan' which is produced DJ Vix.

Malkit has been one of the biggest artists in the industry for over 20+ years and is still going very strong and has everyone looking forward to his new album which is set to release this year.

Their has been a craze on selfie songs all over the Punjabi music industry and Malkit is the next to step foot with this type of track.


0 #3 RE: Malkit Singh ft. Dj Vix - Selfie Boliyan (Out Now)chinajatt 2016-08-05 17:15
we need real punjabi music malkit uncle we know you can do it plus danceing with models your daughters age is rely freaky man
+3 #2 RE: Malkit Singh to release 'Selfie Boliyan'0000 2016-07-25 15:11
please stop these stupid lyrics like seriously should have released midas touch 3 with ravi bal and done all these tracks after.
+3 #1 Sad TimesNigelFarage 2016-07-25 12:51 king a song about selfies isn't creative.. this sucks. i can see complete muppets liking this song.

I remember when Malkit Singh used to be something

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