K.S.Bhamrah - Back In 96 (Out Now)

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The summer of 1996, the legend K.S.Bhamrah of Apna Sangeet teamed up once again with Frantic Productions to work on a new album.

Following the worldwide success of their single 'Overdrive' the album was completed & set for release.

Situations dictated that the album never saw its immediate release & over the years the album master tape fell into a Bhangra black-hole.

However, the Bhangra forces alined and the album, which was lost in time, resurfaced 2 decades later. With it's original recording, authentic sound & true sound of 90's Bhangra, here is the album which will bring back the memories of UK Bhangra's golden age.

K.S.Bhamrah is regarded as one of the pioneers of UK Bhangra music with his legendary brand of music. From his distinctive vocals, lyrics and dynamic live performances K.S.Bhamrah continues to entertain Bhangra music fans worldwide.

1. Shadgeya GBLFP1638205 K.S.Bhamrah Frantic Productions

2. Din Kushiyan Da GBLFP1638206 K.S.Bhamrah Frantic Productions

3. Dushman GBLFP1638207 K.S.Bhamrah Frantic Productions

4. Tera Long Mare GBLFP1638208 K.S.Bhamrah Frantic Productions

5. Tappe 96 GBLFP1638210 K.S.Bhamrah Frantic Productions

6. Puth Jameya GBLFP1638209 K.S.Bhamrah Frantic Productions


the Judge
+1 #2 20 years ??? WTFthe Judge 2016-09-25 13:01
20 yeas in the making for just a 4 Min song.. lol Dipps you are a big joker man..
china jatt
0 #1 RE: Dipps Bhamrah & Apna Sangeet - Yaar Punjabi (Hands Up) - Out Soonchina jatt 2016-09-25 06:44
cant wait for this one proper music hope apna sangeet do a album

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