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Guru Randhawa ft. Arjun - Suit (Out Now)


Guru Randhawa is once again back working with Arjun on the upcoming track 'Suit'.

3 years ago the pair worked on the track Same Girl together where Guru featured on the track and they have now reversed roles. we will now see Arjun featuring on his upcoming track named 'Suit' which is coming soon!

Guru has been very busy as of late and has become a rising star in the Punjabi music industry since the release of his track Patola last year. He has been releasing music at a consistent pace releasing tracks every few months which is keeping him up near the list of top artists in the industry today.

His latest track was titled 'Tu Meri Rani' and it was a love song which featured Haji Springer and was under the MTV label. 'Suhn Meri Rani Rani, Baan Meri Rani Rani' which translates to "Listen my queen my queen, be my queen queen queen".

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