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G.I Jatt - Militant [Promos]









Established in the year 1984 and joining the bhangra scene for the last 5 years, G.I. JaTT started off MC-ing with RDB, Gubi Sandhu and Indy Sagu. He has had major Untouchables UK releases in the bhangra industry and on mainstream compilations, along with touring nationally and internationally to perform. Now…G.I. JaTT has been deployed again. He has been working in solitary confinement to release an operation named ‘MILITANT.’ The mission is to go in and target the urban-desi market, with influences from baseline, garage, drum and bass, desi and hip hop.

Recruits on the frontline are ‘Surinder Shinda, Angrez Ali, Sardool Sikander, Gubi Sandhu, Sabar Koti, Major Mehran, Bakshi Billa, Amar Arshi, Binder and Sanjay Dhaliwal.’ Our key to infiltration is the opening track, ‘BASELINE BOLIYAAN’ bringing something different, backed up by ‘AKH SHIKARI’ with a 12 Track album.

The album is releasing on the 14th October 2007 under the MILITANT RECORDS label and will be in all the good, usual asian record/music shops across the UK. The album will also be available for digital download on iTunes, Napster and other leading digital stores.

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This truly is…MILITANT.


- TrackListing -

01 - Intro - Paul

02 - Baseline Boliyaan - Surinder Shinda

03 - Akh Shikari - Angrez Ali

04 - Gaddian - Major Mehran

05 - Skit feat Surj

06 - Nachaay Preeti - Major Mehran

07 - Puttar Di Kasaam Bakshi Billa

08 - Thoka - Amar Arshi

09 - Yaad - Binder

10 - Darshaan Di - Sabar Koti

11 - Jattian - Sardool Sikander

12 - Anxious [DJ ASP]

13 - Munda Pataya - Sanjay Dhaliwal [Indy Sagu]

14 - Skit - Paul

15 - Rahe Rahe - Gubi Sandhu

16 - Outro - Paul