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Indi Gill ft. The Late Amar Singh Littran (AS Amar)

“3Q Records” & “3Q Media” presents “Indi Gill” with his latest single titled ‘Shaukeen’. The track features vocals of The Late “Amar Singh Littran (AS Amar)” who has released hits such as ‘Yaadan’, ‘Paar Langah De’ and ‘Jodi’.

The lyrics for the track are by ”Mattu Littran Da” and “Vision by XL” have created the artwork & video.

A short message from Indi Gill regarding the project… "I've always admired Amar paji's unique voice and style, which blended traditional folk Bhangra music with a modern flair. I felt like his talent was often overlooked, but I considered him a hidden gem. The news of his passing in 2021 was a shock to me and a major loss to the music industry. Although I never had the chance to collaborate with him in person, I was inspired to work on this project after it was presented to me. I have stayed connected with Amar paji's family to ensure their blessings and approval for this track. We've also committed to donating all proceeds to his family as a tribute to his legacy."

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