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Dipps Bhamrah - Wait Till The End (EP)

Out Now via Generation Records is Dipps Bhamrah exceptional EP, 'Wait Till The End.'

This project stands out in today’s Punjabi music scene, as Dipps Bhamrah masterfully blends Lo-fi, Hip-Hop, and Ambient sounds with traditional Punjabi folk. 'Wait Till The End' is a collection of songs crafted with a focus on emotion and vibe, intentionally steering clear of trends and conventions. Exploring themes of dreams, despair, and eternal emotions, this EP promises to take listeners on a profound emotional journey.

Dipps Bhamrah’s creativity shines through in every aspect of this EP. He has personally produced the music, created the artwork, and designed the visuals at his Birmingham studio The Hyper LAB. The EP features vocals from the talented Lucky Sidhwan, Rajan Mattu, and Jati Cheed. The title, 'Wait Till The End,' reflects the unique musical experience he offers: after the vocals conclude, Dipps Bhamrah takes listeners on a distinctive musical trip, showcasing his exceptional musicianship with unique endings to each song.

With exciting collaborations already released and more planned for 2024, 'Wait Till The End' is Dipps Bhamrah’s first EP of the year, but certainly not his last. He reflects,

"I've waited and delayed long enough to realise that if I'm not happy making music that follows trends, there's no reason to release it. This is 'My Music My Way.'

That's why I'm finally smiling and excited to share more music than ever before.

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