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DIVINE & Karan Aujla - Street Dreams

Out now is the album titled Street Dreams by DIVINE & Karan Aujla

For many fans, DIVINE and Karan Aujla share GOAT status in Indian rap. They also share backstories of struggle that have shaped them into the A-game artists they are today. On their aptly titled collab LP Street Dreams, teased by boppy lead single “100 Million”, the MCs traverse multiple styles and moods.

Tracks run the gamut from the philosophical “Nothing Lasts” and “Hisaab” to the party vibe of “Top Class/Overseas” and “Straight Ballin’”, even exploring romantic territory on “Yaad” and “Tareefan”. Standing together as equals, the pair prove that—be it in versatility or wordplay—they’re simply unmatched.

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