Shartan by Khushi

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Juss Musik ft. Mandeep Kaur Machhiwara - Wedding

The Hilltop Studios presents "Wedding" by Juss Musik. The lyrics are penned by Binder Nawepindia and sang by Mandeep Kaur Machhiwara.

Juss Musik presents ‘Wedding’ ahead of the wedding season.

The focus at every British Asian Punjabi wedding is the togetherness of families, ‘Wedding’ is a traditional bhangra track to do just that.

Juss Musik are flying high on the success of Khushi Kaur and getting ready for future collaborations lined up with Jenny Johal, Miss Pooja and Himmat Sandhu to name but a few. They've been working nonstop to release music consecutively.

Sung by Punjabi singer Mandeep Kaur Machhiwara and lyrics by Binder Nawepindia bring you a full on dance anthem.

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