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Mukhtar Sahota, J Deep - 'Ishq Ne Kamla

Internalmusic presents, 'Ishq Ne Kamla' by Mukhtar Sahota & J Deep, their second collaboration after 'Kya Bathan'. Video by Sahib Sekhon.

Song : Ishq Ne Kamla

Singer: J Deep

Music: Mukhtar Sahota

Mix & Master: Mukhtar Sahota

Video Directed: Sahib Sekhon

Female Actress: Rimson Kaur

Ishq Ne Kamla is a song featuring the vocals and lyrics by ‘J Deep’, Music, Mix and Master by ‘Mukhtar Sahota’. Ishq Ne Kamla is a Sufi Funk Rock track with an added element of rap, a combination not seen with sufi tracks!

After their previous track ‘Kya Bathan’ together for the film, ‘Kacche Dhaagey’, where Mukhtar Sahota introduced J Deep to the Punjabi Film Industry, the duo is back with ‘Ishq Ne Kamla’, a musical treat for music lovers!

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