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Banger - Chamkile Di Tape

Out now is the latest track titled Chamkile Di Tape by Banger.

This one is for all the Chamkila Fan’s

The words Raw, Desi, Folk, Tumbi, #Banger & Cheeky are always coming together when Banger is around. (Excuse the pun)

This is the first of many releases from Banger this year, and when asked about it he said;

“Inspiration is the one word that fully describes Chamkile Di Tape”

Chamkile Di Tape is a song that showcases UK Punjabi Bhangra in its fullest.

The song lyrics written by a highly talented singer/songwriter/producer Sukh Jheeta refer to the legend Amar Singh Chamkila in every verse.

Tabla, Dholki, Harmonium & Tumbi by singer/musician/producer Steven Sahota.

Production by Sukh Jheeta & Steven Sahota.

Mandolin & Bansuri by the multi talented Runveer Singh.

The video is by Realvision Studios India, with a very familiar looking truck driver driving around in India 😊.

This is a song dedicated to the one and only forever Amar Jori

Amar Singh Chamkila & Amarjot.

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