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Bhangra Smash Up - Shake Ya Body


Bhangra Smash Up Records Presents the debut single 'Shake Ya Body'

Music: Bhangra Smash Up & Mark Smith

Mixing/Mastering: Mark Smith



Gurcharan Bhujhangy

Bhangra Smash Up Records

Inheriting the traditional Bhangra music, the Bhangra Smash Up fuse the ‘Dhol’ and ‘Dholak’ with mainstream chart music and classic hits, to create the ultimate Eastern & Western fusion!

The band caters for all events including Festivals, Parties, Clubs, Birthdays, Weddings, Charity Events, Corporate Events, and Educational Workshops.

The Bhangra Smash Up is a three-piece drumming band based in Birmingham, United Kingdom performing across the country

The band was established 2017 – since then they have been performing at events all over the UK!

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