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Steven Sahota - Fanboy

Out Now is the title track titled "Fanboy" by Steven Sahota and the Music is by Kaos Productions while the lyrics have been penned by Dhami Amarjit.

Steven Sahota is a new age UK born Panjabi folk vocalist and musician. Having spent years as an accomplished musician playing at the highest level from a young age, he has also been learning and refining his vocals over past few years and 2021 is the year he has chosen to unleash them onto the market.

Fanboy is Steven’s second single after his debut single “Bhagat Singh” and this promises to give you the full flavour of what Steven is about and will get your feet tapping and shoulders moving on the dance floor. With powerful yet melodic music by Kaos Productions and penned by the UK’s Dhami Amarjit this is a completely homegrown project that oozes the folk flavours of the Panjab.

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