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Shaan & Verinder - Run The Rhythm

shaan RunTheRhythm

Check One Recordz proudly present ‘Run The Rhythm’ by Shaan & Verinder featuring Harry Pannu.

Following on from the incredible success of their debut album ‘Inspired’, we see Shaan & Verinder team up
with Check One Recordz for the first time.

Song : Run The Rhythm

Music: Shaan & Verinder

Singer: Harry Pannu

Lyrics: Dhami Amarjit

Speaking to Shaan & Verinder:

How did Check One Recordz come about?

‘We’ve been in talks with Sukh (Tru-Skool) for quite a bit of time about music generally and we’ll be working
closely with him and the Check One Recordz team on some upcoming releases with ‘Run The Rhythm’ being
the first... as we’ve always said we’re all about versatility so you’ll be hearing all different kinds of music –
some or which you’ve heard from us already and some you haven’t but we’ve been busy working and we’re
excited for the listeners to hear what we’ve been doing.

Tell us about Harry Pannu?

Harry is a phenomenal singer who’s created a base for himself in Canada and North America singing with
Bhangra teams. We first noticed him on a video with AKTV and his vocals immediately stood out to us.
Tru-Skool mentioned to us he’s got him on board with Check One Recordz and we thought it would be a good
opportunity for us to work with him.

Will we be seeing anything more from Inspired?

It’s been quite difficult organising videos for us with the singers and the Covid restrictions in place at the
moment. There is a lot to come from Inspired still but we’ll just have to see how it goes and when the
opportunity to complete the videos will come about. It’s not really a good idea to put the video guys, actors,
dancers etc. in unsafe situations in current times either!

Connect with Shaan & Verinder:
Instagram: @Shaan_Verinder | Facebook: Shaan & Verinder | Twitter: @Shaan_Verinder

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